Special event


Hello I’d like to know when will special event event come back again. Event like guardians of talcot and others. I couldn’t do anything good there when it started. I wanted to have ascension item but I couldn’t. So could you let me know its back to get prepare more ?


Next month. So far it has been on the second weekend of every month, but not sure if that is set in stone. But I would expect the next one in January (and then probably the second weekend).


Thankd enough. What do you mean by “if it is set in stone”


They never said it would always be on the second weekend (“set in stone” means it is always like that, like stone tablets with rules on it :wink:).
They only said the events will be monthly, so I guess that part is set in stone.


Lool Thanks !

From Kouassi Martinèse Paraiso


Ascension materials are only available in these challenge events as:

  1. rewards for finishing intermediate and advanced levels
  2. Placing very high in any level
    Competition for the top slots is extreme. Most of us take our completion bonuses happily—these aren’t easy to win!