Special event questions! Help me understand!

Hi everyone, I’ve been working on a rare list so I could actually do something in the special events! All max 3* heroes and lower leveled up troops! I did good, or so I thought lol, I flew through all 10 levels very fast! But I just don’t understand something! How do the top 3 or 100 or top any number get so many points?? Do they replay each level over and over till they get a higher score? Is score given according to troop level? What is the secret? Thank you for any response!!!

Replay over and over to get a good score. Go fast and try to make sure all your heroes are full health or close to it before finishing.

There’s a whole meta game regarding scoring in events. Look up vids on YouTube by anchor, zero, and I think wharflord did one too? You need LOTS of items to blaze through levels very fast.

I’m not sure if the top players compete in the rare stage like the epic and legendary. The strategy I have seen is to color stack (usually mono) against the weak color for the stage, keep redoing the level until you clear out the first mob in as few moves as possible with all your heroes charged, then you would use items such as arrows and mana to “blast” through the final two levels. Not sure if it’s the same principle because you can’t use the same items for rare. The goal is to beat the stage with healthy heroes in as few moves and shortest time as possible.
The combo score is calculated by your number of combos divided by the number of moves (or something to that effect). That’s why you want to have big combos and few moves to maximize your combo score.
Goal for epic and legendary is less than 30 seconds per stage if possible. :blush:

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With enough flasks, any level can be completed in mere seconds once RNG turns to your favor.

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Wow!! You really know how to play this game if you’re doing that!! I guess I still practice lol, thank you all for the fast responses!!
You guys are are awesome!! And very helpful!!!
Thank you so much!

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to update you! Because of all of your help I am currently in the top 2300 of the rare event for the pirates!!
I know this is nothing lol but not bad for my first attempt!!
Thank you all again!!

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Aint a small thing. But important is the final leaderboard. Good job! :slight_smile: :+1:

Thank you Boolz!!
Hey another quick question, does anyone know what the max allowable points per stage are?? Or do they vary according to combos as Alyssaann1014 has pointed out??

  1. They play each stage many times until RNGesus gives them good tiles. They’ll flee before even firing a tile sometimes.
  2. They’ll use mono color teams or 4 colors and 1 color (single color usually being wu kong or tarlak)
  3. They’ll get to the boss stage very quickly, in about 45 seconds
  4. They’ll fire hero specials and also fire dragon attacks, axes and bombs to clear out 5000 HP from the end bosses or outright kill them.

Keep doing this and buying endless refills and crafting as many items as their ingredients allow is how they score big.

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