Special effects. Cool or Uncool?!

Hi Everyone,

I recently got SIF from Season 3 and I find her nice but the graphics before firing the special is so blinding. I lose my focus half the time. And during titans it’s so annoying, I want the concerned party to fix it. Please. Why does she need to have such powerful light? Seriously!! THANK YOU

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Welcome to the forum Kya!

I do agree that there are several specials that impede gameplay. Personally, I have a real pet peeve that I can’t look for my next move while Wilbur’s special is cycling through. I would love if the animation was moved to the top of the screen, or if there was a greater level of transparency that would allow you to still see the board while the animation was in effect.

Since Sif’s special is working as it was created it’s not a bug. I have moved this thread over to the Ideas & Feature Ideas category for other players to comment and vote on.

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Hope this gets resolved soon. Otherwise, I’m shelving SiF until further notice. Or maybe I can put her on defense and get the opponent get blinded.

Lol, I also think there should be a time limit. Or they shouldn’t cover the whole board.

Think about it

Regarding Category, I don’t mind. Because this is my first post and I made a mistake. Thank you

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lolololololol! I love this! :laughing:

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Sip spl is the best one so far. Other 2 are shesh and s2 final boss.
One day I will get sip and her and in addition Alfrike. :).
No s2.and s3 5* here on 30 months play. And I’m not a f2p. :grin::grin::grin::grin:
And the day you made a +ve move On board, when sip spl going on, is the day you a top player in my dictionary. GL. :grin:

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