Special drawing hero atlantis

I spend130€ and i get 2x khiona instead of alberich or tarkan and i get 10 times the same heroes in Atlantis event.

My question is can hou change 1 khiona for alberich?

Because i see it as bug and i spend alot of money more then 130 euro…

I expect response

thanks in advance

Hi @Jim030

You can’t pick your heroes. I got Balthazar and Karil and no Khiona. Count yourself very lucky!


2 Khionas for 130€ is nothing you should count yourself lucky for…

Lot’s of people get less for that money. The odds are published. If you don’t like the odds, save your cash.

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It s not a bug
Khiona is a heroes of the month (you could have in bonus)
You could have many same heroes.
I have 2 MokArr and no tarlak

I know the odds. That’s why I don’t see it as lucky to get dupes of a hero for 130€.