Special deal not offered to everyone

So there was an issue sometime back about 6000 gems for 3 bucks . Well here we go again . A Welcome back from the dead deal . THIS IS MY SECOND ACCOUNT. I dont use that’s why it’s only at level 2. But special deal plus the Rudolph Deal 2. Attached are screen shots of my account. WTF!

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Well, the Rudolph deal should be available for everyone, and the first deal is a “Welcome back” deal, if your first account has never been gone, you will unfortunately not become a welcome back deal…


That Rudolph is available to everyone, I believe. The first one is not though it appears to be a good deal. But that 3 bucks deal for 6k gems is a better one though but I haven’t seen it as I have been in this game since 2018. Maybe only available on revived accounts. So what’s the issue on the current one?

Here it is:

But as fas as I know, this deal was available as only S1 heroes have been available in this game and I don’t think that anybody believes that it will come up at anytime again…


What the… I missed that one. Thanks for the heads up, @ll2000sr.

Yeah, story is always the same.
Hook you up is more important then reward loyalty in this game.


Newer accounts get more of nice deals. Resusticated inactive accounts get “welcome back” deals. Active accounts get the usual deals.

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Yep deals are not that same for everyone I’ve noticed.
I have noticed when I jump from my top 50 alliance (everyday active players) to another much lower alliance (casual and newer players), the members in the lower ranked alliance talk about deals that I never saw.

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Also news:

Credit card companies, apartment complexes, mobile phone companies, etc. offer best deals to new customers!

should help clear things up for the OP as far as SG doesn’t make every offer available for every account…

along with backstory behind the gigantic offer.

i do believe deals are more universal nowadays though. i haven’t personally seen an offer like this one to select accounts in quite awhile:

but that could be due to my lack of spending habits though thought someone else back then said they got the offer but weren’t spending…

should also keep in mind that this is a game designed to make money, with making money comes marketing, with marketing comes experimentation and data collection/analysis…none of the above should be a huge shock in my opinion…

companies and businesses constantly conduct market testing

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Anyone else got today the ‘Royal Treasures’ offer with the Queen of Hearts pic?
It says ‘Exclusive offer for you!’ but I would find it weird if this were truly the case. OTOH it would be false advertising otherwise so I’m stumped.

Edit: apparently others got it as well. But then why label it as ‘Exclusive’?

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Not that exclusive. Also popped up here

Here as well…as others said , not so exclusive

Not exclusive at all I think…same here

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