Special damage against Dark

Why are we missing a hero who deals special damage against dark?
We already have multiple heroes dealing special damage against other elements but no hero does that to the Dark.
Please consider making such hero soon.
My personal favourite would be Joan of Arc since she is my favourite hero ever. Skill: Divine Aid
Adds 42% attack, deals special damage against Dark + blind heroes can’t miss or critical hit buff.
I think it is about time we have a French hero (heroine)!
Or add that ability to ••••.

To sum up: we have Gravemaker and Natalya vs. Nature, Athena vs. Fire, Zeline vs. Ice and Mok-Arr and Hel vs. Holy.

@Rook, @Petri what do you think about Joan of Arc?
I am pretty sure Rook would love that…


:thinking: Guardian Panther ?

She lowers defense against Dark, she does not deal special damage against it.

Sorry i didn t correctly understand :blush:

What do you say about Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc) being that hero? You are French, you know her the best :slight_smile:


She could do a good sacred heroes.


Oh how you know me! :grin:


Athena, Zeline and Hel are all scantily clad, Celestials. Do we have a Celestial of Holiness? or Fire? I was very surprised Natayla is a Fireborn enchantress not a Celestial of Fire.

Should this be moved to Ideas & Feature Requests ?

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Done. :slight_smile:


Revive this thread.

After 2 years, the number of heroes who deal extra damage against holy is absurd: Mok-Arr, Hel, Ursena, and the new HOTM Clarissa.

Against ice/water, we have Zeline.

Against fire, we have Vela and Athena.

Against nature, we have GM and Natalya.

Against dark, we have none.

We need a holy hero who deals extra damage against dark! :unamused:

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