Special Christmas Quest

The last two challenge quests have been a pirate theme. How about doing a Christmas quest with special Heroes for the holiday season?!?!?! We could have heroes liked Santa, Mrs. Claus, Jack Frost, Elf, Old Man Winter and Frosty. The quests could consist of deers and Nutcrackers and other such fun/evil characters like a coal snatcher. This would just be a fun element to add for the holidays!!


Hi jk64,
Assuming this post is about the monthly Challenge Quest, as you are aware last month we had Guardians of Teltoc which is not a pirate theme. For reasons explained by SG in the thread below “Pirates of Corellia” is the first repeat. In there it says the next Challenge Event is already decided to be “Knights of the Round” and will mostly be Dec or Jan next year. So for the next one after that, by that time Christmas will have passed. So if you really want Christmas themed event in time for Christmas then mostly you have to wait till next year Christmas :wink:

Have fun and Happy Holidays :slight_smile:


think the idea is not so bad and there could be snow in the game to make things a little bit dull :slight_smile: and new heroes would also be good or new quest levels

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Please note that players from all around the world are playing this game. Your idea is actually not Christmas per se but US Christmas. There are no Santas no deer and no Frosty in most of the world’s countries. Not even snow.

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Thanks for the cool idea! Unfortunately, there won’t be an Xmas themed Challenge Event this year, but there will be some other cool Holiday related things happening - stay tuned! :wink: :santa:


Pois1, you are absolutely right. I totally apologize for the oversight on my part. I do live in the US but I also lived in Germany and they celebrate the Christmas season also, so I was just thinking of something everyone could relate to. I didn’t mean it to leave any countries out. Thank you for bringing this to my attention in a nice way!!! I would love to have a quest themed for the different traditions from countries all over the world!!! That would be fun!!!

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