Special chest missions


Lot of players in my Alliance say they haven’t received a special chest in a long time. Does anyone know the persentage rate? How does it work, one a lvl? Every so many gold chest open?


Seems random but I’ve been getting one once a month. I burn through the monsters and raids at least once a day (sometimes twice), as I have heard that can improve the rate of getting one. As for percentages, I wouldn’t know :slight_smile:


II seem to experience the same frequency as Kilas, and usually will complete monster and raid quests every 18 hours or so. I mention raid chest because my last elemental chest showed up on the raid chest line.

Coincidentally I just got a dark chest as I was typing this.


Open a couple of days ago a purple chest with the best loot so far.
2 Ascension items, 30 gems and a epic hero token.

Yum yum.


I also try to churn through the 100 monster mission as soon as I get them. The quicker you turn over missions the more rolls of the dice you get for the rare wanted mission, which is IMO the most lucrative chance at good loot in the entire game.


I have had one every two weeks for the past month and a half. I probably average 3 wanted chests a day and we kill about 80% of titans or so. So about 1 titan wanted chest a week


Quick update - my loot of note was 40 gems, 1 tall boots, 1 mysterious tonic, 1 epic troop summon. A few other nits and gnats no one probably cares about in this thread :slight_smile: