Special birthday summon : free 1 selectable 5* from any event for each new year of the game

Like soul exchange but with no any cost. As the game have 600 legendary heroes + costumes for now, I think it will be great if player can get 1 legendary heroes that he want most for each new year of the game. I know that might sound too much for the game but at this rate of new heroes releasing for now, I don’t think it will effect the game much.

Not a bad idea. I was reading through the thread trying to calculate the number of players worldwide and looking at the downward trend, it seems like the easiest way for Zynga/SG to boost those numbers would be to offer a free legendary hero and try to lure back ex-players rather than try to get new players interested.

Something akin to the guaranteed legendary coins they offer when soul exchange comes around, except instead of a guaranteed season 1 hero it would include all legendaries. Yeah some will pull a season 1 hero and be disappointed but some will get exciting newer heros and will stick around to level them and maybe start playing again


Well i would like to get a birthday present like that from SG team in the game.

There are some games who do that actually, but i don’t know if SG knows our birthday date, or if iis registered somewhere for them, and doing that will just increasa the DB workload.

But, yeah it is a good idea, you have my vote.