Special ability attack was "skipped"?

Just now, in a tournament fight, a special ability attack by Khagan gave the text “overgeslagen” (Dutch for “skipped”), on one of the opponent’s heroes. I never noticed this happening before. It’s different from a miss or a dive (or whatever that is called in the English version). There were no buffs or status effects on either side which pointed in a possibility like this and the hero was not ghosted. Why did this happen? And what does it mean, because apparently the attack did some damage?

This is the situation just before it happened:

The special class ability from Khagan got activated and trespassed the defense buff of Magni.

If you take a look at Khagan, you can see an arrow. The rangers have a % chance to bypass defensive buffs.


Ah, thank you! Now I understand. It’s just a bit of a poor translation then, although I couldn’t come up with a better one on the spot.


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