Special 5* Titan with Farsight Telescope

We fought a special occasion 5* unicorn titan today. Our 1st 5*. And we were supposed to get farsight telescopes if we won. We did not.

What happened to them? Can anyone help? I was really looking forward to increasing my mats.

You got an extra chance at a telescope. You weren’t guaranteed it. The odds are very low.


:sob: thanx for your reply

20 telescopes

Unfortunately it is based on a percentage chance, and that percentage, while not stated, is low. In my two years of playing, having defeated over 500 titans (or at least contributed to same), which implies around 50 rares, I do not recollect having received the bonus, but it may have happened once or twice

I would estimate the chance per player is between 1 and 3%, so a full alliance might get one person, perhaps two, getting it

You’re able to tell if it is the bonus roll as it will be at the very end of the loot, not with the other ascension materials

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I’ve been hitting Rare Titans on 2 accounts since they were introduced. I’ve received maybe 6 or so of the bonus ascension items in both accounts combined. They’re pretty rare, but it seems a few in the alliance always get it.

Thanks all for addressing this. There’s a lot more topics on rare titan loot if you search that. Here’s a link that relates to this thread. And with that, I will close this.

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