Spare hero of the month worth keeping

Hi, I have eight spare Onatel and 6 spare Kunchen . I was told by many I should hang on to all the onatel for once I start leveling each one of them up they will be excellent and valuable in war. What do you guys think? And Kunchen personally I don’t really like the guy I should hang on to some honestly how many of each should I hang onto as a just-in-case for future War reasons?

My thoughts:

If you have 8 onatel and 6 kunchen, first off I hate you. (not really).

But… with that number of “spares” I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that you have a stable of 5* that would also make me cry. And I only have a mere 34 5*.

Reply with a count of your 5 in both purple and yellow, please, so that i can properly assess what your needs might be.*


I would keep 6 TOTAL onatel, and get each to at least 3/70. She’s wickedly useful and very handy when you’re running out of leveled heroes in war. Kunchen… Same thing. I would keep 6 TOTAL. Regardless of my team make-up.

Thing is… these are elite 5*. Not like you’re asking the question “What do I do with 8 Horghalls” (to which I would say “Feed all to one and be done”.) It’s not even like you had 2 horghalls and 2 quintus. (which I fed the extra to the primary in each case).

And Kunchen… you may not LIKE… but consider this: Vivica is still solid and respectable @ slow mana.

Kunchen is BETTER than Vivica.

don’t count the dude out.


Wow! You must have done a massive amount of pulls! Or were just really lucky?! What does the rest of your roster look like?!

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I only have two five star yellow including onatel and five purple including kunchen

How do I take a screen shot of my team? I’m using a android

volume down button and power button at the same time.


That was my thought also.

Okay— with your roster, @Thundermask, I would keep 6 TOTAL of each. feed the extras to the primary one you are working.

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Your account must be like mine, I dont know if that’s good though…
I got like 8 Onatels, 4 Kunchens and now 4 Fridas…

But I was trying to get Kageburado and Sartana and now Ariel and nothing…
So I guess we will get all the HoTM but not so lucky on the featured Atlantis one…


Yes I’ve been trying to win the previous exclusives like kageburado or mokah ans instead I win two Musashi’s. And yes I did win 3 Frida’s. But what was so weird was that I’ve been spending gazillion gems on the exclusive dark element just so I could win domitra and instead I win her on the Atlantis summon instead. But hey at least I have her


U won’t have enough resources to ascend them all. Keep 1 copy is enough. Personally i don’t like to keep the same heroes on my roster. 1 of each kind is enough. I love variety more than duplicate

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I use an android tablet and Google play offers game launcher and game tools. Check your settings, game settings to see if you have it.

A small orange icon will appear on your game, somewhere on the outside edges. Hit that and you will see a screenshot option. Very easy!

I’m always leery of hitting the volume button and the power button at the same time. Holding them long enough also triggers a factory reset.

I STRONGLY disagree (enough to use all caps).

Experienced players know better.

“like to keep” and “effective to keep” are wholly different.

I got 4 evelyns in December. I have 4/80 one, 3/70 the other and will 3/70 the other two (once I 3/70 Mad Hatter) I highly doubt you’re going to pry away the second panther from a member of 7DD or a second Lianna away from anyone who is lucky enough.

That’s poor advice. You may be a good person, and very kind-hearted… but I think the suggestion to feed away HOTM is destructive and will hurt this player in the long-run.

(edited: Added kind words because I’ve been getting flagged by a few of my growing list of detractors for no real good reason)

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That’s just my personal opinion. Usually duplicate will sit only at 1/1 for a very long time because you are too busy to levelup another non duplicate heroes, not to mention u need so many feeders and mats to ascend them all. So duplicate usually will be put aside unless it is a very excellent hero such as Gravemaker.

Duplicate is never become a priority and u feel like filling ur roster with junk. So by keeping only 1 copy of them i think enough and i bet the duplicate will be ignored for a very long time

when it comes to 5*, however, I take a different approach.

I assess every time I finish one, which hero will help me out the most.
While it is true I have eaten all my duplicate 4* (except having 2 grimm, 2 tiburtus) I have kept all duplicate 5* because I will get to them one at a time.
I had already started on my 3rd Evelyn when I pulled Hatter, so (of course) I started on him. Now that he’s almost 3/70, I’m almost ready to finish a 3rd Evelyn (then the 4th, then my second Greg, then Horghall (the first).

(we will only see more blue tanks in the future, with the advent of Ariel AND Frida… so it’s good strategy)

I say 6 of each. Why not?

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Feeders. Are you ever going to need/level that many Onatels/Kunchens?

Versus yellow or purple tanks, even several 2/60 onatel / kunchen could do some tank-busting.

In the absence of anything else, WHY NOT?

If you have 8 or so of various HoTM, I doubt you are overly absent of heroes to use.

Hero slots are far, far cheaper than trying to pull these heroes again next year. Holding 6 is probably more than I would hold, but until you get more 5* cards, sure. Why not? The XP value of these as feeders is meaningless.

Personally, I never hold more than three of a 5* card or four of a 4* card.

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Lol. I was shooting for the same. Have purple mana too. Ugh. Good luck in the future.

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