[Spanish] Honor Español


(For Spanish speakers)
The land and sea shake under the Titans… a heart may feel alone if trying to defeat such great creatures, probably being afraid of fighting against these beast… but if you are one of the heroes that will not fall back… despite of being afraid, tired or injured… because you now it is your duty and commitment to destroy these giants… It’s right moment to join us…


If you dare to join our Alliance, you will have to follow just two rules:

  • Attack every 5*Titan or less with all your energy
  • Be ready to help your Companions.

Neither Trophies nor Invitation is needed… just your commitment.

The Alliance will be a home for you, a place to rest and ask senior heroes for advice… All will be ready to listen and help you.

It’s our commitment…

It’s our Honor Español (Spanish Honor)!

Community Challenge: Alliances [Challenge over - winner announced]

Hello Earnil!

Don’t forget to post this in the Alliance Contest here on the forum! Winner gets alliance flasks for their whole team!

Good Luck!