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Unsure of what you are asking.

Also unsure…these are already in place except the first one.

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He speaks about better chances to get mats and also more often for newer players.

It’s a little bit frustrating to see the whales and vets having maxed heros a few days after they have been realeased, while the basis waits in vain for say a f… compass or 10 other mats to ascend at least one hero after a couple of month.

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That can be frustrating, but some of them have been playing for 1 - 2 years, waiting on heroes for the mats they are saving up.

We all have the same chances for items from mystic vision- I just got darts from that yesterday. The monster chests may take longer for lower levels to fill, because of higher levels having more energy, but rewards are pretty similar from what I have seen.

Rare quests can be difficult for newer players to complete, but that’s where the grind of levelling heroes and troop comes in…….Do you feel they should be easier to do?

Same with the higher tier raids…… have to work up to be able to compete there. But also, not much difference in the loot from what I have seen.

I missed the wanted missions,I agree it might be nice to get ascension items instead of a few gems or an avatar I probably won’t use.

As for the later provinces, none gives rare ascension mats, but do give a better chance for higher crafting items.

I don’t see it changing much honestly, the game is a grind…even if you choose to spend it doesn’t guarantee getting the items or heroes you want.

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@Olmor @LadyAnesthesia @anon89026910

This is a spam account. It creates posts with copies of text from other threads, and phrases in Hungarian that sometimes seem to make sense. It’s been banned before by Staff, and returns periodically with a new account with a variation of the same name.

I got tricked by it one of the times too and tried to have a conversation with it.


Wow, that sucks! Thanks @zephyr1………after I crafted that lengthy response too lol…… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I talked to it in a thread and a private message for several rounds. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The spammer even liked my posting. :joy: :wink:


lol yeah, it does that and likes other random posts too.

I don’t really understand what its purpose is, but it always behaves the same way, and it posted some of the same things this time as last.


Thanks for letting us know.

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Cracking myself for this one!

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