Spaces in adverts in chats

I usually make my adverts in colours in chats which it is wicked with the hexa codes,but I have noticed that I can’t make any lines breaking spaces between sentences in any way I tried… can anyone help me out on this???

Thank you!!!

Are you talking about adverts in-game? I use ~~~~~ for that (the tilde symbol); 41 ofvthem makes a line. Do not know how to make a space. :frowning:

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Thank you I’ll try that!!!
I meant an empty line…which it is exactly what I need!!!

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The lines/spaces between Crazzyhorse advert…how you doing them???

You should use “enter” in other program. Then copy to game.

For some reason, IOS does not break lines, only android

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Try < Br > with no space or make it in note pad,

That is the reason then…thanks

No the break doesn’t work…but thank you…now I know…