Sound advice needed. Need a Yellow hitter but who to max?

I have Onatel,Musashi and Rana. Please give me solid advice on who to max.

Of those three if a big hitter is what you’re looking for then Musashi has got to be the choice. First Musashi’s mana speed is fast while the other two are average. Secondly Musashi does 332% damage as compared to Onatel’s 250% and Rana’s 185%. I do like Rana’s DoT being 402 over 3 turns but Musashi is a sniper and from the title of your thread that’s kinda what it seems you’re looking for.


Agree, Musashi if you want a hard hitter. He has the 2nd highest attack stat currently of any yellow 5* (Inari 1st).


thanks and i do like that Musashi a Rogue too. Having the ability to dodge can be huge


Thanks Dave, I was all set to max Rana but i wanted to be sure.


Both Rana and Onatel are overall more powerful than Musashi imo. Depends what you’re using them for.

Musashi good on offense, good on titans, not great on D.

Rana extra good in alliance wars field Aid. Extra good vs 2+ healer teams in wars/raids. Better on defense than Musashi.

Onatel’s mana steal is very powerful. Once she gets going she’s almost extra fast or fast. She’s arguably the best of them on defense with her tanky stats. She’s extremely powerful in events and on trials with the mana steal.

I’d do Musashi last of them unless you really badly need a better yellow for titans. He’s not very powerful. Splash 3 guys aren’t my favourite and his secondary ability of healing is much, much less powerful than Onatel and Rana’s Abilities.

Wow ok, thats a different take. My yellow for titans are Jackel emblemed up. Delilah maxed Vivica maxed Ranvir maxed Wu Kong maxed Emblemed up to 13. I hate having to us both Ranvir and Wu agianst the titan. I have Miki 3/70 as well. That why i am looking for a hitter in Yellow. We use Blue tanks for War now before it was Yellow and i used Delilah whos emblemed up to 9 now. Onatel i know is tanky and when her special goes off she a real pain. Rana i was leaning too at the beginning. I like that Dot damage as well. So based on what i said what do you think? I just want to make the right choice cause i wont be able to level another 5 star yellow for a long time

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Yeah the extra context helps.

Since you don’t have Joon that would make Musashi better since it’s nice to pair a heavy hitting fast hero with Jackal on offense. I have Musashi and Joon and when I got Joon I ascended him instead of Musashi. My Musashi may be sitting at 3.70 for a while. Joon+Jackal is insane but Musashi+Jackal is still strong.

Since you need the tile dmg for titans then that does make Musashi better once again.

Since you have Delilah (one of the best yellows for defense in the tank/flank position) you don’t need Onatel or Rana as much on defense.

Given the extra context Musashi does make sense for you. In my case already having Joon and needing a yellow flank badly I would do Rana/Onatel for myself if I had them.

Every situation is different. The extra information does change my reply but we basically had to guess what you value most or were short on because the original post was a bit vague about the specifics of your situation.


Yes and thank you again for taking the time to advise me on this matter. It was just driving me nuts on who to ascend bro. You da man thank you.

Onatel and Rana will be valuable for a lot longer to your teams than Mush. If you’re playing a long-term game (like a year) then I’d pick Onatel. If you’re just in it for fun for a few months, do Mush. He’ll have more value for the short term. But I have 3 Mush’s and they are all 1/1. I have no need for him given that soooo many other good yellows are in the game. I don’t have Rana, but I’d have levelled her if I did, and Onatel is going to 4/80 now

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no i have been playing for a year as well it will be Rana that gets maxed, thank you tho.

For yellow hitters, only Joon and Poseidon can be categorized as such among holy 5 star heroes. You may include Drake Fong, too. But you cannot include Musashi in such categorization. I see your ascension materials better used either for Rana or Onatel.

I have all 3 and Musashi is really mush.

For your first, I would suggest Onatel. Great time staller, mana delay, damage + minor heal.

Rana is extremely powerful if used right. Kills off heals while having a DoT. Great in AW.

In my honest opinion it would have to be Onatel 100%

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Joon+jackal is very awesome.You must try!

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Similar question here.
Got my 3rd and 4th yellow 5* in the form of Musashi and Poseidon.
I don’t have heavy hitter yet.

Who do you think I should prioritize?

My other 2 yellows are Ranvir and Justice at 2.60 both …

My other 5* are 3x Misandra and nothing else yet.

Ranvir if your titan team buffer is only Wu.

If not, go for Poseidon.

I don’t have WuKong .
Ranvir’s skill is at 4/8 with -47% accuracy.
We miss a lot …
Have mats to fully ascend him except compasses!!

@untaker It sounds like you might be trying to push 5* heroes before having a solid base of 4* heroes. That’s a mistake, IMO. 5* heroes take a lot more resources to level up, and they really don’t come into their own until well into their 4th ascension. Build yourself 10 solid 4* heroes first, then you’ll be able to get more ascension items through better performance against titans, in rare quests, etc. to afford to ascend those 5*.


Poseidon >>> Musashi

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