Soul exchange - which one will you pick? (poll)

Hmmm, I currently have 14 5* dupes. I can sacrifice a 3-70 to get to 15 … but not 20.

My biggest needs are in red – strong hitter and healer. Neither is really addressed here, Russell at 10 isn’t bad (for me) but is he a big improvement over even Marjana?

Ludwig is tempting … I have no taunter. Maybe Hanitra (also no dodger here), but those are my two strongest colours already.

Or pass and wait for the next one when theoretically I may finally have 20 again (and maybe better options in red)?

Ah if only I wasn’t so Wishy Washy


I really hope this list is not going to be the finalised list.

SG will be shootng themselves in the foot.

Alfrike is featured in the current Covenant Portal.

Those who spent money to buy Covenant coins to chase for Alfrike, only to see her in Soul Exchange two days later, will definitely quit this game.

Also, we haven’t talk about the group who spent to buy the coins, but yet pulled 3* feeders and never get Alfrike. I am one of those in this group. :frowning:

Also, I seriously feel that Ludwig is worth at 20 x 5* heros. If not, 30.


This all sounds very relatable!!

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For Russell you need someone to put the enemies on fire
Ex. Gravemaker, Emilio… So Russell will charge from the fire
Another good thing is that he never miss (even under wu Kong skill)
I’d not consider him as a pure sniper

Added: pay attention that he’s avg mana speed vs. Fast marj (7 tiles vs 9 tiles in best case)

Added2: Another interesting idea having Zhou Yu take the enemies on fire and then Russell charge and fire his skill while the minions continue putting the enemies on fire and make Russell continue charge

Bottom line you need to build the team around him to get the most of him


Do you know when the soul exchange will start? In December?



I would go with Ludwig.

Had hoped for Miki would be there.

Red heroes could also be good as its my weakest color


Those who chased Alfrike and only got S1 would be overjoyed tough ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯


This is a surprising list but it seems to have been confirmed by our Oracle. Assuming this is it and it’s not changing before Thursday, I think I have to go with Ludwig even though I already have Kara as a taunter and I don’t have Alfrike or many of the other heroes on the list. When he goes off on the opposing defense, it’s almost unrecoverable depending on the heroes you have flanking him. I imagine on offense it’s somewhat similar, where he protects your team while also making your specials charge at a ridiculous rate. Given that Killhare is my strongest purple hero at the moment and ailment blocking is a very powerful niche, Emilio is also tempting.

Another point against Alfrike is, given that Fated Summon will rotate several times a year, it’s entirely possible that they will offer her as an S3 option (ditto with Frigg). I actually think her being featured in the Covenant portal and now Soul Exchange increases that likelihood. So if you don’t mind waiting for her, it may be even easier to obtain her in the future.

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I’m not too excited about this list… I have all but Gregorion, Caitlin, Crystobal, Saorse, Cobalt, Alfrike, Emilio. I have FInley without the costume, but I’m not sure how worthwhile that would be. And I’d be sacrificing a couple of leveled heroes to get to 20 as it stands now.

Disappointing list. The only really amazing and hard-to-get hero there is Ludwig. I have C Finley and he’s almost useless as he’s too situational. Alfrike is probably the best bet for those who don’t have her because of the many rush wars and tournaments. If not, then probably Ludwig as he’s amazing on offense (for those who think the’s a great tank, you’re going to be sorely disappointed as he’s too slow and has no defense against tiles). Emilio is great as well. He does a lot of damage if you ignore him or he goes off twice. The status block is amazing. I used him for months and months as my favorite hero.

Probably going with Frigg myself as I have all the rest and she’ll replace Marcel on my 3/1/1 green team.


Soul Exchange is in 2 days on the 17th, not in December, it was moved back up to the correct month it was originally supposed to be in…

Like most players i was excited for Ludwig, he was the obvious choice. But then i started creating a way use him with my other heroes and how to face the more common defenses this days.
I start thinking, MM, Bastet, Alucard, GP costume, Diochan and he is bad against all of them.
I see most players complaining about C Finley being too situational but i´m starting to wonder if i ever will use Ludwing, as i´m having trouble using any taunter in general, or when i use them is most for the attack bonus.
On the other hand with MM all over the place C Finley is great to pair with mine and Pengi.
Maybe i´m wrong about all of this and in the long run Ludwing will be the best choice.


I’m having second thoughts too… it’s either Ludwig, cFinley, Faline or Emilio for me, but I have Garnet so Emilio isn’t as critical.

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Yes. Not to mention the growing list of good dispel options. Or perhaps even more threatening to support heroes, all the newer heroes with buff blocking like el naddaha or Hypnos — or even just old heroes with buff blocking like c Sabina…I think Ludwig is great for PvE autoplay, but for competitive PvP is quickly fading as a good option (especially since he’s slow and there are fast heroes like mist that can oftentimes charge before him and not just “counter” him, but completely neuter his special and turn it into a sad waste of 9-12 tiles-worth of mana)

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Before actually having experience with status-ailment blockers like garnet and Emilio, I had a hard time understanding why they were rated so highly…So, I can see why some players might think Emilio should be on the 15-soul tier instead of the 20-soul tier.

But, for players without an ailment-immunizer on their roster, I actually think Emilio would improve their war/raiding performance just as much, if not more, than the other 20-soul options.


Adding new Ana-Belle 4* healer to the options of completely zapping Ludwig’s buffs (and your own!). Or if you are long enough in this game, Guardian Chameleon 5*. However, if you have a job and a life, Ludwig is wonderful for walking through events, tournaments etc on auto-play while you get on with life/work, certainly worth 15 souls for that peace of mind. Could you do with a 2nd copy? Not sure but I’m tempted…


I am actually debating should I get Ludwig for events or Alfrike for vf war and tourneys. Sad thing is, outside of those formats, they will hardly see any action. But, I do need a dark project other from Arfanias whom I don’t rate too highly


Will check what druids padalin barbarian are available … ( no ice out of scopes)

I’ll choose Ludwig. I have plenty of great purple heroes, but I could really use a great taunt hero. Plus his mana increase would be useful for my D & offensive strategies. Especially since Xnolphod got nerfed :disappointed_relieved:

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