Soul exchange no Soul exchange

LOTL? BK?? Lord Loki??? Mother North???

SGG : Fools.


Well, you can only pick one anyway. Good luck choosing :grimacing:

I don’t actually have a hat to eat (don’t use them, lost the on I had a long time ago) but would join both of you if I could get Mother North, LOL


I have a spare hat if you need! :smiley:
bring on!


If this is true, and it’s a big if, then I would be torn between MN and LOTL

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this list is completely made up and nothing but pure BS…but for what it’s worth, I’d pick Lord Loki

There will be a maximum of 2 to 3 heroes that would be desirable, and none of them top notch, just like last time.

I even expect less good a deal than last time tbh

Anyway, my 20 dupes are lined up , I can’t wait to free up space in my roster :slight_smile:


Is that true? When exchanging souls, I
Gargoyle Sanctuary, Magic Tower, Starfall Circus, Clash of Knights,
I’m looking for heroes from the Underwild Voyagers.
It would be great for me if there was a hero that was perfect for exchanging among them.
Otherwise, it will only be disappointing, so on the 30th of this month
The exchange of souls is a very important event for me.
I think it might be.

Any list is, again, just speculation.


Only time will tell but I am decently confident it is true.

I am indecently confident it is too good to be true. :wink:

Lepiota please 20chars

I have 19 heroes i can trade… In two weeks… I’ll probably still have 19… Just a kick to the junk from sg.

Ariel or MN.

Both good healers. I always wanted both. Both are the same class. My blue healer is Kiril. He gotta go. I don’t mind same class. I got emblems and lb for both.

Ariel cleanse, no reviving.
MN doesn’t cleanse, she does revive tho. Good for rush.

Pro and cons of both are appreciated.
Please and thank you.

I love mine. I’m maxing her.

We won’t know which heroes will be included in this Soul Exchange. Every post you see is just speculation.


Think of it like Christmas… It will be something good… Just gotta wait.


I think the caliber of heroes we get at the various levels will be entirely dependent on if they release those legendary tokens they’ve mentioned by then or not.

If a buy a legendary hero token option exists by soul exchange I’m expecting some super power event/tower heroes song with some super jam packed offers as well.

Maybe SG would surprise us and…put the previous same list lol
The number of bummers we got from sg should make us immune by now lol



In that case I’d have to pick Alasie. :wink:

For anyone not aware, SG has confirmed that the list of heroes will be different each time.


I will get G Chameleon. Heh heh

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