Soul exchange no Soul exchange

2 weeks left but no info released on what to expect…wtf…am I missing something???

Did I miss a post on heroes to be in the Soul Exchange or did they push the date back?

Naaaah…SG just being SG as usual


No preliminary information is expected about the options.

We had the options last time because fo Beta, which is not expected before the current Soul Exchange.

So the options t will be a suprise to everyone at the end of May.


Propably won’t know until 1 or 2 days before hand.


Rumors I heard give:

  • Kunchen, Norns, Elradir, Khagan C and Perseus for 10 heroes;
  • Grimble, Devana, Lady of the Lake, Anzogh and Ariel for 15 heroes;
  • Lepiota, Sif, Mother North, Black Knight and Lord Loki for 20 heroes.

Again, those are rumors so to take with a big grain of salt.
Moreover, I do not expect to have any official statement about the Soul Exchange roaster anyway so… Wait and see for May 30th.


*It starts in May, not June

Fingers crossed for a few of them lol
However I would eat my hat if Mother North and Black Knight was in the lineup…


Lady of the Lake is more of a 20 souls, than a 15


Souldinger’s Exchange


Indeed, sorry for the typo, it’s getting late.

having MN, BK, and Lord Loki would be torturing to a lot of players b/c we can only pick one… If this is case, I wonder if there will be anyone to hesitant to decide and miss the whole event, lol.

I’m definitely taking Lord Loki because of my roster

oh wait, you put Lady of the Lake at tier 2? that can’t happen!

If that is the list I think I’d both be very excited to pick up a 5* healer that isn’t Vivica and really disappointed to only be able to pick one and quite possibly not even have enough heroes to trade in to pick anything I wanted.

Im pretty sure that was a fake list somone made a little while ago.


Too many goodies in this line up. Ariel is a 20 dupe hero, even without costume.

I broke down last SE and then came up with next round of possibilities. As to who from those origins… :woman_shrugging:t2:


We will all know on the day itself when SE launches. Not going back to beta unless SGG decide to tweak the exchange/redemption mechanism.

In the meantime, just get your dupes ready.

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Just be patient you will have a little time to decide when its open.

Just two weeks more and we will see :+1:

Predictions are a thankless task. Just keep 20 heroes ready. :pray:


I don’t mind eating a hat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One occurrence of the event is a very slim bit of data to do statistical analysis upon though. I have some confidence in the source of that rumors on the other hand.