Soul Exchange is Here! ♻️


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What is the Soul Exchange?

The Soul Exchange is a recurring, limited-time event in which players may trade in a number of Legendary Heroes to obtain one specific Legendary Hero from a selection of 15. Choose wisely — an exchange can only be made once per event, and cannot be reverted!

A variety of factors determine how the Soul Exchange is stocked. Heroes are tiered based on their performance across various game modes. While the event is running, everyone is shown the same list of 15 Heroes to choose from. The list changes each time the event returns.

The Soul Exchange is currently set to be held a few times a year. We are not trying to be intentionally vague with the “few” here — it’s just that slotting a brand-new event into a tight calendar requires quite a bit of schedule-Tetris, and details are still being hammered out. We will inform the players once we have a clearer idea how often the event will return.

Why is the Soul Exchange so “expensive”?

Legendary Heroes are very rare by design, and acquiring the exact Legendary Hero you want can be incredibly difficult. The exchange rates reflect this and we believe they are reasonable.

Please also consider that the Soul Exchange is primarily meant for our veteran players who own a great amount of Legendary Heroes, some of which they no longer need.

Will “better” Heroes come to the Soul Exchange in the future?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for this question, as “better” in this context is quite subjective. A Hero you would personally have no use for may be the final piece of the puzzle for others — it really depends on which Heroes you already have, which Heroes would best compliment your own roster, and which kind of strategies you enjoy running.

Please also consider that individual players’ impression of a Hero may not necessarily match up with the Hero’s “actual” place in the game.

All that being said, subsequent Soul Exchanges may feature non-Season I Costumes, Ninjas, and other more recent Heroes. Let’s wait and see what the future has in store!

Can I suggest or request Heroes for the next Soul Exchange?

To keep things fair for all players, the inventory of the Soul Exchange is put together solely based on certain live metrics. Regardless of this, please feel free to voice your ideas and thoughts about the event on our Community Forum — we always appreciate good feedback.

I don’t need any of the Heroes currently offered!

If you really have no need for any of the Heroes on offer right now, holding onto your spare Legendaries and waiting for the next event could be a reasonable choice. As mentioned above, the Soul Exchange will be stocked with a different set of Heroes every time it returns.

I accidentally bought the wrong Hero in the Soul Exchange!

Unfortunately, trades made through the Soul Exchange are final. There are confirmation dialog boxes in place to prevent accidental exchanges. As Empires & Puzzles is an online multiplayer game, we cannot revert irreversible in-game actions for any players. Doing so would not be fair for other players.

Although you will not be able to recover the Heroes exchanged, the Legendary Hero you received should be remarkably powerful once fully leveled up. Please consider giving them a chance to shine for you in various future events and quests!