Soul Exchange Guesses 3.0

Not for me, but i would consider 50 souls for a hero that is also at 3/70 or maxed already so I don’t have to spend weeks leveling it myself.

If this happened, guaranteed the heroes at 35 soul level will be nerfed by the next update.


they can change the game if they do this.

First Row - Classic heroes with all costumes.

Second Row - HOTM with their costume.

Third Row - Event heroes with their costume.

Fourth Row - 5 new heroes w/o a release date.

Show the first 15 and the new ones as a general post in the forum so players know who are next in the soul exchange don’t make it so mysterious.

They won’t do it…why?
It’s very simple, in order to get this heroes / costumes people throw a lot of money into the game… They’ll not kill the cow that they’re milking

People, I believe there will be no exchange of souls!

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I believe you are wrong. It will just be later than some thought it would be.

This is a theory that can be tested. Exciting. See you back here in the near future


Thsy said it would be later. They even said likely not this month anymore.

Yes, that wold be cool. i always have at least 30 to exchange. For the most part, the heroes shown in the Soul Exchange don’t seem to be any better than what i already have. my biggest problem in this game is that although i do spend money here, i never seem to get what i would consider one of the top heroes. I always seem to get the red-headed step children, but yet i have to raid against so many who have five heroes that i don’t have and i always wanted. Just bad luck i guess. At least if they changed it, i could finally get one of my top 5-10 heroes that continue to elude me.


Probably. But i would play the heck out of it until then. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t April seem like a looooong time ago?

Same here. With only few exceptions, like Hippo or Barkley, I always end up with second best heroes from a given portal or a complete dud

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Thoth for 15?! Bwahaha. That would be a dirty insult. Not even worth 2 heroes.

Karnov less than thoth? Thr latter is conpletely worthless. Karnov at least helps with titans.

You know, thot-amun is as good as Drake Fong and situationally, he might be better when it comes to bloody battles. He can save heroes from dying. And it is possible to pair Thoth with Wo3K or Might Pet heroes to increase their mana speed. 280% to hit three is always gping to be good.


The person whose guess was the closest should get an emoji

We don’t know who’s in it yet

Thoth is great and I like his elemental link. Still relevant for me and he’s 6 years old

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He has been buffed several times thats why he is relevant :rofl: rofl:

i recently got him from purple portal and he is around 4/40 atm. Happy to have him, going to be a nice addition to my arsenal :slight_smile:

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He’s always been special to me, I guess because I got him in 2017 when he was hotm.

I’m sentimental but I still use him frequently because I think he’s good

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