Soul Exchange Guesses 2.0

When is next exchange first or last week of Nov?

If we assume it is every 12 weeks…

November 14.


I think you are referring to the one I created, sorry that I asked closing it. I just didn’t find it that fun anymore since the heroes featured have been leaked now both of the times… Which tbh killed the whole excitement of SE.

I get that… But i had fun with the thought experiments… The guessing… The valuations… All of that was my jam.

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Completely agree. I enjoyed the original thread and was very happy to have the actual names confirmed. The guessing up until the list was revealed was half the fun. (Like presents as a child- oooo, what’s in the box? What do you think it is???) Anticipation is excellent.

I’m still thinking about my guesses. :thinking::nerd_face:

Be well🤙🏼


Nice list, I would be disappointed if your list came true though as I can’t think of who I would pick in that situation! Who would you pick personally? Haha

Probably Agrafena for me…

Would much prefer Milena though I guess from @2puttshaqur’s list :stuck_out_tongue:

Puss in boots for 10 i take it cos my Queen of Hearts needs a pet?

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I just made the ugliest poll ever… but… that’s… as good as it gets for tonight.

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I hope I’m wrong too! I’m chomping for a solid yellow hitter so Drake would probably be my choice.


How about something special for this one for Black Friday & the holidays? Ability to pull two, a 25 tier, or something else? Even after the last few Soul Exchanges, I still have about 40 dupes…

I have 16… But if i go nuts… I can probably get to 20…

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Faline would be possible at 20souls.


Same here. Lady Loki and Bera in a great peril

I’m thinking about heroes like Garnett, Frida or Evelyn since they showed up at the two last Covenant summons

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I think almur and fogg devalue evelyn a bit… but frida and garnet… I could easily see people throwing 20 their direction.

As for me… I’m really going to try and focus on heroes that are good in all 3 areas… offense, defense, and titans. If it is a niche titan hero… it has to be a pass from me (like Ratoskr).

Talking about Evelyn I would get her since I dont have Fogg and she’s a 5s, so she can stand in the battle while Almur tends to die. Furthermore she’s also a dispeller

But I completely agree about 20 heroes for Frida or Garnett . Sure thing that a lot of people just like me needs a better blue EDD than Nordri or a better red healer than Boldtusk


I want an over healer… I have the gaderius costume… But being slow, a 4* and it is boosted health over time… I want an upgrade.

Azmias passive is pretty decent.

I’m leveling a second azmia to create a passive counterattack team. To use against aoe teams. But… But enough juice in the squeeze for me to have her as my main healer.

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Nearly finished leveling 1 azmia myself. I have one overhealer in 5* well 2 now if you count bennu’s passive.