Soul exchange for 4-star heroes

I would really like the idea if we had a first tier with 5 pieces of 4-star heroes at the cost of 5x 5-star heroes.

There are a few very valuable heroes which I would pay the cost for.

Or a separate event with 3 sets of 4*-heroes x5 for the cost of 3/5/7x or 2/3/5x etc.

What do you think?

Don’t know why the game doesn’t do this. Big money maker for them is players buying extra roster space. This would help the players and them AND give something to look forward to while waiting the the next exchange.

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Though i know it is not something we can plan for, i always wanted this option, There are few cards that are worth an SE and a lot of us dont get them or cant get them. Hope there is a way for this to materialise

Honestly can not think of a 4* hero I want (And haven’t got) whom I’d be happy to exchange any of my 5* heroes for and I don’t keep 4* dupes unless i plan to level the dupe so I think this would be a useless feature for someone like me so I can not give it my backing. I could see it being good for F2P players and newer players though… Maybe

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:

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It gets my vote because it would be good QOL for a decent number of the player base.
But for those who constantly pull “big” it’s probably not of great value….
Still gets my vote …. Good luck

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There are several coveted 4-star heroes. Sergei, Franz, Waddles, just to name a few. The bards, the slayers, etc.


Ferrant and Bogart would be getting my five 5* easily

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Yes please, great idea :100:

That is why I said:

I have Sergi, I have Franz, I have Waddles, I have 4* Bards and Slayers. I believe I have all the coveted 4* heroes. I know others may not which is why I think:

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I would like to see 4* in fated summon instead of s1 5*

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I would take, for example, Franz over Balur, any day of the week.

I would give all of my 4 Balur for Ferrant

I totally would do the same.

I was very lucky to pull Ferrant in the last CoK event. And he helped me greatly in finishing the Styx tower. Counterattack is so important in that event.

It would be nice if the developers could add something like Soul Exchange for 3* and 4* heroes as well.

We - many lower level players - would have some opportunity to exchange our level of heroes.
It could spice up our game a little bit. :slight_smile:

Also it would be nice to feel at least a little bit important and acknowledged in the game field as all new releases still are for the whales…

Please do consider it in the near future.
Thanks a lot in advance!

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You got my vote, would be nice addition for sure.

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I think the same. It’s s good idea :+1:t2:

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Yes this is good idea

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Would only work if you could exchange 5* for 4* at a rate of 1/3/5

I could see trading 4* for 4* but not 5* for 4*. Even with TC20 5* are too rare for that for me.

4* for 4* will never happen because most of C2P primarily chase new 4*