Soul exchange advice, I need help!

So I’m debating between Gregorian, Cristobal, and Cobalt.

Gregorian: I need a strong offensive green. Mostly for titans, tournaments, and raids. I like that he is hotm for element links, critical attack for titans, and seems to hit hard. I also have most of the emblems and aethers needed.
Cons: he is older, I have no other 2018 hotm for family bonuses.

Cristobal: same reason as above. But his passives are better I think. I have all the emblems needed and most of the aethers. While I don’t have another 5* magic hero I do have Anastasia for the increased family bonus
Cons: His special can be hit or miss. You have to save up for the heavy hitting special. He might not be as effective on titans as Greg.

Cobalt: I need a strong blue hitter. I’m currently using Iris and a non costume magni right not for my blue 5*. I have the aethers to LB.
Cons: I don’t have another ninja hero so no family bonus. His special seems outdated. I don’t have any wizard emblems.

I know Ludwig is the obvious choice. But I am currently purple heavy. And I have a lot of support heroes already. I’m looking for more punch. But understand I could use Ludwig to add even more punch with certain heroes. If neither of the above 3 are worth it, you can tell me I should just go Ludwig.

Thanks so much for your input.

  • Gregorian
  • Cristobal
  • Cobalt
  • Neither just go Ludwig :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have Greg and only use him for titans. Lianna is more useful overall IMO.

Good luck!


Appreciate all the feedback. Will report back when I make a decision

If you got the conditions to charge Ludwig fast (ftom 9 tiles?) I’d recommend him

Consider all game modes and how you are going to use the hero (with whom in the same team)
Possible better hold till February

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Interesting results. Seems like cobalt and Cristobal have a number of supporters.

Safe to say you don’t spend much if you’re fretting over heroes like Cristobal and Greg so it’s a no brainer you should go Ludwig. You will not get this kind of hero again so its better to go for it even if you are purple heavy. Don’t go for short term gain


Thanks for everyone’s input! I decided to follow the masses lol


You need a strong offensive green and considered Greg, yet you fed away a maxed Lianna?

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I already have lianna emblemed and lb. That was a spare but I really wasn’t going to use another set of emblems and lb materials for a second lianna. I had level the second before I had any other options.

I have a Silvaria at 1:1 that I started working on instead.

Good eye though

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