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Hello all - Long time player here - Level 83, for those where that number and level resonates… I have played and enjoyed the game for a long time, but have to admit that I’m starting to get tired of the grinding nature of the game, with quite frankly very little to get excited about… I recently watched Nittany Lion Roars SOS videos about what is currently wrong with the game. While I didn’t agree with all of his suggestions, I do feel that he was quite on the mark that changes are absolutely needed, if the game is to flourish and not just survive… Have chatted with a lot of veteran players and the sentiment is always the same - need new and fun content, not just a Ninja Tower even that seems to be just a re-cycled seasonal event with very similar bells and whistles as existing events. and same cash intensive, overwhelming nature of competition… So here’s three suggestions to consider: 1) Spectator Mode for wars, so can watch alliance members do war hits for those players that opt in. Every and I mean every… big game has this… 2) increase the drop rate of 4* ascension materials and make it easier to exchange for one that you need. the drop rate for this is ridiculous. In the last 3 months, I have only received 1- one that I didn’t pay for or was part of the Rare Quests… This to me is complete and utter nonsense and 3) Develop a mechanism for players to exchange their duplicate 5* heroes for some compensation or another 5* that they w-a-n-t. Completely agree that introducing some choice and control for players is long overdue and I’m not talking the choice of what goes into the Goblin balloon…lol… how long must we wait for this? is it too much to ask that you simply keep your word as promised? … As a couple of bonus ideas, a) would suggest moving to rotating elements/ colors for tanks in war. Maybe Wednesday wars have this rotation while the weekend war is again at the discretion of the alliance. b) and this has started, let’s move the various raid formations along, so we can start to use those in the live game and not just beta. So that’s it…I think each one is a big win for SG and players and would improve moral. Thanks for reading! No issues in closing this post. Said my piece and tried…don’t have time as do others to post continually on any game’s website forum. Will say that nothing has been done, so whether it’s multiple suggestions or just one, nothing has been done by SG/ Zynga…will ensure that the ideas are reminded directly to staff in beta. Cheers

  1. Idea: Ability to watch war fights in progress [MASTER]

  2. Discussion: Ascension materials - An appeal to quit being so stingy with them MASTER
    Request: Ascension Items are too Rare
    Titan: [Master] - Improve Titan Loot

  3. There are a number of existing threads on the topic of duplicate 5* heroes, trading and the like. Not sure about “exchanging for one they want” seeing as that’s the basis of the (albiet poorly executed) HA10.
    Fixing HA: [Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

  4. Forced: War Battlefield Diversity - Forced Tank Colours
    Optional: E&P Game Changing idea for Wars – bonus rewards during matchmaking to use a particular color tank

  5. As you said, it’s already in beta…
    Request thread: Alternate Raid and War defense formations - Please add your ideas and comments here!

Closing this thread as:
a) only 1/5 ideas doesn’t have a pre-existing request thread; and
b) multi-request threads rarely do well nor gather any attention from SGG staff as it is entirely unknown what specifically players are voting for… Additionally, discussion becomes convaluted as players discuss various elements in a jumbled and garbled fashion.

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