Sos! app not available?!

Just tried to access my E&P game, & it says on my phone screen, that app is not available?! Went to Play Store, & it wasn’t available for downloading? Are they doing maintenance? Or…?! PANIC MODE!?

Hey, I can’t help you specifically, but can you please provide additional info so maybe others can help?

  1. What device - android or ios?
  2. What country are you trying to access from?
  3. When were you last active?
  4. Have you tried turning off/on the device?
  5. Have you tried on a different connection (wifi or data)?

I’m in the USA, it’s an android, & no I have not tried the last 2 suggestions. In the play store, you can go to E&P, but the two buttons that are usually there, to remove or download the app, are not available? …and there’s no explanation?

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