Sorting troops

Couldn’t we used to sort troops by power?

You still can.

In your barracks building, hit the two little arrows in the top left corner; then hit “rarity”

Troops don’t have specific power’s beyond their level & their rarity…

The sort options of “rarity” vs “element” only change the ORDER that the sort filters are applied.

Sort by Rarity:

  1. Rarity (i.e. the stars)
  2. Element (Purple, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red)
  3. Level
  4. Troop Type

Sort by Element:

  1. Element (Purple, yellow, Blue, Green, Red)
  2. Rarity
  3. Level
  4. Troop type

Essentially that list is the order in which the sorting is applied…

So first sort is by Rarity. Within the rarity tier it is next sorted by colour. Then within the same Rarity & Colour it then sorts by the troop level. Then if you hvae multiple troops of the same level, rarity & colour it then sorts by troop type.

It seems that Lord_of_Jedi meant the troops in the inventory.

Don’t think you could ever adjust the order that they appear in the Inventory.

I do think this past patch that added hero academy, changed how troop sorting works in the inventory. Before my 4s were at the top, but now they’re all sorted by element. Maybe changed from default power to default element (and can’t be changed). Also sorts within each element very oddly, 3s after 1s for instance.

Look at this. This seems to be a bug, cause it happened after v30 update.

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