Sorting heros by power may not work properly for heros with custome

I have started to level up some characters with costume (Hawkmoon and Gunnar) which were unleveled before. (So the power of their normal version was 248 and 246) .
Now the power of their costume version is 290 and 260.
My heroes are sorted by Power, and none of these heroes are in any of my teams.
The costume version of the heroes are still shown among my unleveled heroes with 245-249 power.

Is this a bug or it is working as expected as the normal version of these heros is in this power range ?

Hawk an Gunn an not maxed?sorted by power?if you dont have them in 1-5 team they by power are lower in your bench…and screen shot would help to clear this…

Can you provide a Screenshot?

I believe the power is still based on the MAX power available to a hero…

So for example if the Base hero is at 3-50 on a 3* and the costume is at 2-37, the power of the 3-50 version will be shown. If the costume is 3-50 and the regular is 3-50, whichever the max power is should be shown… I think…?

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Could be if you do dont switch to costume hero in your roster…

Here is the screenshot:


When I am starting to level a normal hero and it reaches 260 power for example, then it shown among other heroes with 260.

I’d say that the “power sort” is still linked to the base hero power… I’d guess its cause the Costume is still in some ways bound to the power of the base hero… You cannot ascend a Costume beyond the ascension level of the Base hero so… Kinda could make sense?

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If the base hero is in the begining of its ascension level and the the costume version of it is at the end of it, then the custome hero power can be more than the orginal hero like in my case.

I understand that currently the heroes are ordered based on the base hero power.

The question is Small Giants Games wanted the power sorting to work like this or this is a defect.

It is currently working as expected.

Because you cannot nickname heroes, and base heroes and costumes can be different levels, things get weird fast.

Base hero power is important since

only base hero can be emblemed,
base hero must have their tier increased first,
costume is useless without a base hero.

So base hero power is very important, especially when putting a 4* c1.1 costume on a 4* h4.70 hero.

I do a lot of sorting by name for heroes with costumes.


Thanks for the answer.

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Can this please be fixed so heroes are in order by power when you want them to be in order of power? Kinda sounds logical, not? But costume equipped heroes are shown in the wrong order. I use the power order for example to pick the most powerful ones for wars, and now I miss the costume equipped hero cause it shows in the wrong order.

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