Sorting heroes by class

Sorting heroes by class now shows as an option.

Did something get released a little too early? :wink:

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And there is snow on my ground and not my alliance mates?

They haven’t received the latest update yet.

Based on the way it’s sorting my heroes, it appears to be grouping based on what their job would be in the world (e.g. knights, sorcerers, warriors, whatever Gadeirus is because he seems to be off by himself). I would have guessed that some kind of family system were coming for S1 heroes except that none of the S2 families are grouped together.


Lmao that’s not supposed to be released till next year. Crack down on beta leakers but then devs give everyone a sneak peak anyways. That’s awesome. And yes it’s sorting by classes that could be coming with the skill tree feature in 2019.

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