Sorting by class? Who can enlighten me?


Sorting by class?

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nothing to see here. devs left something in. It’ll be gone soon, to come back at a later time.

Seems to be left over Beta content.

Will be removed.

oh… thanks


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Just today I saw another Beta leak video where they talked about new features
for December like new buildings, classes and hero emblems - probably that has some connection, we will have to wait for devs to provide some official info

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nice :slight_smile: thanks


These features are not coming in December, in fact, they have no set release date yet… and this illustrates nicely why there shouldn’t be beta leaks. Just more false information and people get upset and start new conspiracy theories.


Thats really unfortunate, that was not meant to be seen.

Now we have to suppress you. :person_fencing:


I’d like to see a new sorting option of ‘Cost’, and I don’t mean the team power cost. I mean how much did it cost me to get each of them… :joy::joy::joy:


you really wouldn’t like to see that… not really :rofl:


It will be shown like :
Rare 4☆ Cost 8000 gems
Event 4☆ Cost 50,000 gems
Rare 5☆ Cost 30,000 gems
Event 5☆ Cost 80,000 gems
HotM cost 100,000 gems if you are lucky.
Old HotM cost 125,000 gems


Thanks for clarifying and apologies, was not my intention to start new conspiracy theory around :slight_smile: Although I am still baffled by amount of complaints and theories in regards to Beta as opposed to official version - nothing is set in stone, things change, Beta is there for testing purposes but alas…

Happy anniversary btw :slight_smile:

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That information is already published, as well as heroes hotm until March, you just have to know how to search.

People like to complain…

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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