Sort troops vertically by element

It would be much easier to see what troops you have if they were sorted in vertical columns by element color. That would mean adding or changing code to enable a column sort, with columns able to be different lengths.

The way it is now, when there’s more than 2 troops per color, is a jumbled mess that takes extra concentration to see what’s available. If they were in columns and you want to quickly see what you have in blue, just look at blue, all stacked in a single column.

Column sorting heroes by element would also be nice. Would make it quicker to see what’s available in each element when setting up teams.

Never really thought about it but yea this would be pretty dam nice

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It could also work very well for the heroes roster, too

All I use is elemental sorting. Others are rubbish. I like your idea.

I agree, excellent idea both for heroes and troops

This might be done fairly easily because there are 5 columns in roster already. One column for each color.

The game needed significant UI improvements in general and some of it has been implemented recently. So i am hopeful about this.

Depends what device you are playing on. There are 6 columns in the roster on my iPad (5 on my iPhone)

Oops didn’t think of that

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I don’t mind the horizontal sorting but I wish I could toggle the teams on and off. Currently the only sort that ignores teams is class.

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