Sort of a ridiculous idea (alliance recruiting / rejecting)

So. This is kind of a ridiculous idea (yes, already pointed out in thread title, forgive the redundancy). But I’ve seen quite a few threads on the forum from players looking for more members to join their alliances. Apparently some alliances are having a hard time finding people to join.

Meanwhile, in another wacky alternate universe, I’m the alliance leader in a very private and exclusive alliance. We’re very fancy, we all wear fedoras and have long-winded discussions on the possible implications of re-introducing genetically engineered long-beaked storks to the native, untouched marshes of Atlantis.

Not really. But we are a private alliance, and I have less than zero desire to bring in and train new players (based on prior experience with new players). I am constantly having to reject random people who try to join my invite-only alliance, and I don’t like it. Not only do I not like being constantly bothered by join requests from people I don’t know, but I also don’t like having to reject them (because it’s not nice).

When they request to join, they are allowed to enter a message of some kind. However, I’m not able to send a message back when I reject them. I think it would be nice if there was some way for me to reject them with a message something along the lines of, “sorry, we’re not looking for new members at this time, but X alliance is, you should really check them out”.

That would double as a shameless plug for the countless alliances in desperate need of new members while also kindly letting the rejectees know that their rejection was not personal.

One of the drawbacks of this idea would be who you redirect them to and what merited recommending one alliance over another, be it personal preference, general awareness (or lack thereof), or seeing alliance ranking as a standard.

Assuming the worst in people, I could see some leaders/alliances complaining that their alliance isn’t being recommended by other alliances if a feature was rolled out.

However, being an naive optimist, I think it is a great idea that could only help create better alliances/player synergy.

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Yes, of course, which is why I stated it as a ridiculous idea. It just seems odd to me that so many alliances on here are desperately seeking new members and I’m trying to not get join requests in my alliance… at one point I even went so far as to post something along the lines of “This is an invite only alliance, don’t try to join, we won’t accept you, please try joining one of the hundreds of open alliances instead” in our alliance description, and we still had people trying to join.

I have no interest in plugging any particular alliance, I don’t know anything about any of the recruiting alliances on here, whether they’re good or bad, strict or casual, etc. I just threw this out there as a silly idea to kill two birds with one stone, the birds being (1) other alliances wanting recruits and (2) my alliance not wanting recruits.

Put the cup requirement to max (4k cups) Then if anyone actually manages to send a request, you probably want to meet them :grin:

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Oh please @TGW oh please pretty please can I join??? please please please pretty please with sugar on to can I join can i can i

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Not such a ridiculous idea? I actually like it and would like to have a vote to give, unfortunately I’m freshly out of votes.

The only issue I see is some alliances sending not so nice messages in return. You know, the old “Git Gud Scrub”…who taught these fools to spell anyway?

But it would make me feel better to lessen the rejection with a sorry but we aren’t recruiting st this time. Check back in a month or so. Just to ease my conscience, and possibly make them feel better?

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Maybe there should be an option to mark an alliance as closed when you don’t want to accept new members.


If you don’t wanna any kind of disturbances, as somebody already said, change the trophies to 4k, as simple as it is. I did this. Maaaaan…

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That would also work. :+1:

Yeah but then I’d have players with 4k trophies coming in just to one-shot our titans and make fun of our 3* benches :grin:

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Maybe in a alternate reality :joy:

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This is my main goal. I usually have to reject at least 3-4 people a week, and all they get is a notification telling them that they’ve been rejected. I assume they are then going to global chat to tell everyone what a bunch of [expletives] we are.

I’m not trying to be mean! I’m just not willing to put in the time and effort to train newbies right now, and besides, most players wouldn’t even be happy in our alliance. We’re only fighting 5-6* titans and our alliance chat is ghostly quiet 99% of the time (which one might mistake for casual, but I also expect members to use flags). I just think there are other alliances that might be a better fit for these people and I don’t want them to feel like it’s personal when I reject them.

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I know, I know. Never seen anyone with 4k trophies. But I did have a level 40-something try to join my alliance last week, and our highest is a 37. ??? My assumption is that he/she was a rogue merc looking for easy titan loot.

I would never join any shoddy alliance that would accept a terrible player like me.


You’ve got to be better than me! Which… wait… I suppose only supports your premise. :thinking:

That’s exactly why I created my own alliance and only brought in inexperienced players who didn’t know any better. :grin: I’m not good enough to be in a good alliance, nor am I patient enough to be in a casual training alliance filled with a bunch of casual kids running around picking their noses when they’re supposed to be hitting the titan.

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Trust me @TGW, I understand. I had the same thing. Although our alliance has gotten chattier lately. Added a few new players that aren’t afraid to ask questions. Makes training them easier.

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The very first alliance I joined in the game was a training alliance. Once I got promoted to leadership, I put a lot of effort into trying to help new recruits. But between getting zero support from my fellow co-leaders, combined with 90% of our new recruits leaving either because they thought it was too much work (hit every titan? use all war flags? too hard!) or because they wanted better loot in a higher level alliance… what a big waste of time on my part. :expressionless:

You’ll have to excuse me. I’m in a foul mood right now.

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Even if you helped only one player enjoy the game more it wasn’t a waste of time.


I’m not even sure if the people I used to play with still play the game.

Yo PlunderBarb, Radar, Cappy, Dar, Raea, Sasq, Tali, Tara, et al. (trying to remember all the old names), any of you still out there? Any of you read the forums? I might need to send my main to a new alliance soon, seeing as how the rest of my group have decided to opt out of wars (and without wars, I am nothing)

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