Sort heroes by number of stars

They can be sorted by power, but you may have a 4* hero with less power than your 3* heroes.

Power could be the secondary sort for this one.


I’m curious, what’s the use case for this; admittedly I’m a fan of more rather than less sorting options typically.

I like to have my heros sorted by element, but due to who is on what team this sometimes means I have tons of trainers, saved 3* for training, etc in between my stickied “part of a team” heros and the rest of them. It would be nice to be able to sort by *'s AND the existing Element/Power/Name sorting options so that all the fodder heros naturally are below your keepers.

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Let’s say I have a newly-acquired 5* hero, several 4* heroes who I have been training regularly, a newly-acquired duplicate of a 4* that I have never trained, a bunch of 3* and a few 2* and 1* heroes.

Unless I pin my 5* by putting him in one of my teams–something that I would not do right away because he is weak–even if I sort by Power, I still have to scan through my collection again to find him because trained 4* (and even some maxed out 3* heroes) will have more power than a brand new 5*.

Two weeks ago, I rediscovered a new 4* who got lost in the heap and forgotten about because I was busy training other 4* who still needed a lot of resources. If I was sorting my stars, that never would have happened.

I think most of us have just solved this by sorting by power.

If trained the hero will be up towards the top, if not, you’ll get your 5 -> 4 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1 ranking you’re looking for.

I’m not sure this is the right solution for a general UI, I’d rather sort on favorite personally, but I agree the clutter could be irritating.

I do find the teams sorting to the top a little annoying, but I’ve sometimes marked work on teams in slot 1 or 2 anyway to sort them there… can always mark something else as defense, though I will often toss teams I’m working on for defense but that’s a different discussion heh.

The current options power , element and name, is a little limited , I pulled up some 5* heroes and it was a bit difficult locating them among mix of 70 heroes .

The heroes roster would do better if additional sorting option of hero’s star is included , then one can sort based on 1* 2* 3* 4* & 5*.

Using power sorting didnt help, as some lower level 4* & 5*s were still buried in the middle,

Additionally, one should be able to combine at least any two options in the sorting , eg sort based on power & element or star & power, etc.

I read through some topics and didnt find similar request exactly.

Request ability to sort hero roster by their star quantity

Bumping this one to the top - as a player, I want to be able to sort my heroes by their number of stars (without team allocation being accounted for)! Thank you for listening!

Love this suggestion. Kabam’s contest of champions has lots of features that should be implemented in this game.

I can’t figure out how to start a suggestion category… but I sure would love to be able to sort Heroes by star levels or Skills.

Hi @Bistlinelv,

See below

You can also search the forum for similar ideas before you post to prevent us having lots of duplicates to merge :slightly_smiling_face:

Beta Update to this thread also:

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i would also like a toggle to put your teams at the top or not. maybe 3 options first could not sort them at the top, the second could do as it is now and the third could be adjusted to have your teams show up in rows, for instance team 1 would be the top 5 slots and team 2 would be the next row (next 5 under that) and if any heros are duplicated from one team to the next they could be just grayed out or something. so its easier to see your teams.

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