Sort heroes by number of stars


They can be sorted by power, but you may have a 4* hero with less power than your 3* heroes.

Power could be the secondary sort for this one.


I’m curious, what’s the use case for this; admittedly I’m a fan of more rather than less sorting options typically.


I like to have my heros sorted by element, but due to who is on what team this sometimes means I have tons of trainers, saved 3* for training, etc in between my stickied “part of a team” heros and the rest of them. It would be nice to be able to sort by *'s AND the existing Element/Power/Name sorting options so that all the fodder heros naturally are below your keepers.



Let’s say I have a newly-acquired 5* hero, several 4* heroes who I have been training regularly, a newly-acquired duplicate of a 4* that I have never trained, a bunch of 3* and a few 2* and 1* heroes.

Unless I pin my 5* by putting him in one of my teams–something that I would not do right away because he is weak–even if I sort by Power, I still have to scan through my collection again to find him because trained 4* (and even some maxed out 3* heroes) will have more power than a brand new 5*.

Two weeks ago, I rediscovered a new 4* who got lost in the heap and forgotten about because I was busy training other 4* who still needed a lot of resources. If I was sorting my stars, that never would have happened.


I think most of us have just solved this by sorting by power.

If trained the hero will be up towards the top, if not, you’ll get your 5 -> 4 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1 ranking you’re looking for.

I’m not sure this is the right solution for a general UI, I’d rather sort on favorite personally, but I agree the clutter could be irritating.

I do find the teams sorting to the top a little annoying, but I’ve sometimes marked work on teams in slot 1 or 2 anyway to sort them there… can always mark something else as defense, though I will often toss teams I’m working on for defense but that’s a different discussion heh.