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This has been discussed several times over the last years, as the search engine tells me. But I think the relevance has drastically increased with the introduction of 2* tournaments.
The introduction of 2* tournaments (and therefore 1* tournaments as well) has increased the needed roster space, which by itself makes the roster less pleasent to look through.
But the critical point is, that 2* heroes in development start at the bottom of the roster, then switch to the outside lane and collide with the barrier as it seems, since they stray all over the place.
Its a pain in the … to look for them. I accidentally started to level several of each color at a time, just because i oversaw the ones i actually worked on inbetween the trainer heroes, 1/1 3* and 1/1 4*.

Do you lock your keeper heroes? When I do this, it is an easy thing to zip through my roster in search of unlocked heroes (i.e., fodder).

The locked will show as darkened, the unlocked will be bright as above.

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It’s not the feeders I can’t find, they’re at the end of my roster, just like they should. I’m having trouble finding the ones I want to level. Well, I’m not really having trouble finding them, but it’s annoying for sure.

Ohhh! For that, I put them all in my last team (mine is team 7):

I can work on 1-5 heroes at a time, and switch them out of that team when they are maxed. Try it. :slight_smile:

(Normally I would have one of each color but I recently maxed my red.)

I’m too lazy… so thr ones i’m lvling are team 1… that way they are always the top ones…

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Yes, the furthest away from your feeders. That’s why I use the last team. :grin:

To be quite honest, this is not something that is difficult to do. If you take the time to add a sort by family option in the latest update, then why not by rarity?

And SGG has actually done this already! Not in Empires, but in Puzzle Combat. If it’s been added already in that other game, why not on this one? I understand it’s two separate teams working on Empires and Combat… but both are under the same development studio, Small Giant Games!

Come on! I’d expect there to be some communication between teams :stuck_out_tongue: Small quality of life improvements like this make the game so much better for the user base.

TL;DR: Please let us sort by rarity.

EDIT: screenshot from that game:


This needs to be a feature. We often have newer alliance members post their team rosters on Line app so we can recommend which heroes are worth leveling. It would be good if we can just have them capture the first one or two screens to see the unleveled 5* and 4*’s in the mix with fully ascended ones.

Also, this was already implemented for troops!

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I’ll be closing this thread, as the feature suggested has been implemented in Version 26 :slight_smile:

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