Sorry to the community

Im sorry too the community for doing bad things


Admitting you were wrong about something and apologizing for it, is always the right thing to do!


I posted an off topic apologized to the staff

Never hurts to say “I’m sorry”.


Mona forgives you.

20 Monas

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I finally revenged mona, thank god


That’s the spirit! If someone raids you, raid him back!!!

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Хотел обмануть игру, так стыдно, очень хочется вернуться в нее назад

Probably isn’t meant for Bugs and Issues

Unless issues includes “Anger Management Issues”

Good on you for apologising


Concur. I’ve moved it to general.

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Sorry to the community for the bad things i did

What are you talkin about?

Sorry for the foul language i used apologize to me

Maybe you should open another thread with the explanation for the apology

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In forum or in game?

Personally we’re all adults, i don’t apologize for foul language.

Only reason i censor my language on the forum is to keep my account, not to protect anyone’s “feelings” or “sensitive ears/eyes”

No apology needed as far as I’m concerned but idk where or what you said so my opinion 200% irrelevant

What the ■■■■ are you apologizing for? :grin:

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He apologize for many things. For opening threads just for trolling or being bored. Like the classic heroes are OP. He apologize for being drunk or smoked or whatever he was today when he started to swear at every 4-5 minutes and delete the posts immediately. Like in here