Sorry for the request

Sorry that I asked for help about losing mitsuko. I know it’s just a game and glitches can happen but I just felt kinda upset and needed support, not the harassment I felt I was getting. I managed to summon another good hero so that’s fine. I guess I couldn’t get my concerns out right. It happened to me in June and I was afraid to ask for help because I figured I’d get backlash, which of course happened in the form of an inquisition as that one person put it. Next time I’ll just let it go.
Now I have a question. I’m at gold level right now and wanted to know which heroes I should use for it. I struggle against kashreek and rigard mostly.

Hi Seerbah, you have many great heroes. You don’t need to draw again for a while. Instead, I recommend you spend some time levelling up the heroes you have. I’d start with taking a rainbow team of 3* s to max. OR a team of 4* s to level 3/60. While you are doing this, you will earn ascension items to 1) max 4* s and 2) level up 5* s. In the time it takes to level just 1 team of 5*, you can get 2 or 3 teams of 4* to 3/60.

Spend some time here on the forum reading and learning how to efficiently level heroes. There are threads specifically for this. I played for a while and then I found the forum, so I read the beginner type threads at that point and they really helped me.

Since you’ve already levelled them a bit, I recommend starting with: Melendor Grimm Boldtusk Chao Proteus. Get them all to 3/60. It won’t cost any ascension items to do so. Then move on to level your next rainbow 3 or 4* team. Again, once you get ascension items, you can max them.

Always remember, this game is a loooooong haul. It isn’t a race to the top. Best of luck and have fun!


Level Ranvir o Tarlak: while against Kashhrek or Rigard you’ll just have to charge one of them and then kill them with tiles if they are the tanks.

Or Rana, as she is able to greatly lower your foes’ healing.

But as first thing Id say to level some more 4* and 3* heroes as Proteus, Boldtusk, G. Falcon, Hansel, Grimm, Wu Kong, Boril, Cyprian, Muggy.

You have a lot of good heroes but sadly they are almost all at tier1… you should level them more to not have problems against other players while raiding.

In my honest opinion, you need to think of this game as a marathon rather than a sprint race. So as difficult as it maybe for you, I would hold off levelling the 5* for a while and focus on levelling 2 or 3 x 3* rainbow teams and 4 x 4* rainbow teams.

For your 3* heroes I would focus on levelling up:
Chochin, Namahage, Bane, Belith, Melia, Gato, Muggy, Balthazar and Hawkmoon

In your current roster, for 4*, I would concentrate on:
Wilbur, Li Xiu, Wu Kong, Grimm, Sonya, Melendor, Boril, Hansel, Proteus, Triton, Rigard, Scarlett, Boldtusk and G. Falcon.

For your current 5* it would have to be Ranvir, Tarlak, Seshat, Miki and Elena for me.
Good luck

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