Sorry Devs... no more money for you!

The game balance is awful. Between the horrible raiding system (raid matching) and the lack of materials for ascension I am done. I have been stuck grinding the same mediocre levels for weeks now just to ascend from level 1 to level 2 with no luck… how is it that you can’t even get the materials for a first round ascension… really, devs? Let’s not even begin with the materials you say are in wanted chests and titans… I could let you guess what I see in those, but I will save you the trouble - 1* and 2* crafting items (and the very rare 3* crafting items). Let’s not mention the last straw that has prompted this thread…5* titans now dropping only 1* and 2* crafting items (Today). Please do me a favor… get your head in your game and start addressing your balance issues. Mobile games should have a fast progression rate if you want to keep your wallets fat and your players happy.

Fix your materials issue
Fix your raid issue
Fix your “special deal” issue
Fix your titan drops
Fix your ■■■■ chest drops

Make this game enjoyable and allow me the opportunity to get the hell off of level 13-5 (where I have been stuck grinding over 2 weeks for ascension materials) and then you can have my money.

Thank you!


Totally agree. ALL my heros are stuck as I never ever get those tall boot. And I play a lot. It is not fun. Weeks later, still no boots?
People talk about wanted chests, I have seen one once and it was great. But only once in months of play. Exactly how rare are they?

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apparently they are extremely rare… there is anther thread on the forum that is dedicated to players that are having difficulties getting them…

Chests and farming aside; what I fail to understand is why they can’t simply have 3* titans drop 3* items or 4* titans drop rare 3* (maybe 4* materials), etc? Why would you try forcing players to sit on the same heroes at the same levels for months? Players are leaving currently due to these issues.

I took advantage of some early deals in the game (no, I wasn’t one of the players that happened upon the mega deal - that is a complaint for anther thread) and I was able to get a couple of 5* but I can’t even get them to level 2. So essentially I spent money for nothing… or at least now I realize my investment is no better than the fully ascended 3* players are running around with (for free). It feels as though they are fleecing players… promising the chance at better heroes but if you are lucky to get them you can’t actually use them effectively.


Agree, why keep players at hold for so long? There are 1000 similar games, why should I stay here? I like my alliance, and I will give it the weekend, no boots, I will quit playing. No progress, no fun.

I too bought some deals, no to happy about that. I had A CHANCE at what I wanted, did of course not get it. Got like a rugged cloth and a summon token, not even one of all the nice stuff on display.

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best of luck…i hope you are able to get them. I well be extremely jealous if you succeed :slight_smile:

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It makes me sad to read that folks are ready to quit, but I understand the frustrations. I once shared those frustrations. My luck has changed a bit since then and I found a lot of enjoyment in other aspects of the game (mainly our alliance and its progression). If I can help in any way, please let me know.

Have a great day!
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I agree there are many issues with the game. When I first started I got stuck with all 2* cards and was begging for 3* cards. Once I got my 3* cards I was stuck with a max team of 3* cards for the longest time before I got my first 4* cards. The game is a pure grind and it takes alot of patience which alot of people don’t have. I hope the devs start introducing easier to get ascension materials. The boots you are referring to is one of the easiest ascension materials to get since you can farm it from province 12 and up. The hard materials where you can only get through titans or mission chests and they are super super rare like 1-2%, and don’t get me started with the elite training with a 1-2% 4* chance. This game is meant to be played for a long long time.


Yes, I know. But it is still boring to wait for too long. Several weeks without even one boot is to long a wait for me. In my humble opinion it is far to hard for several weeks daily play for the easiest ascension material aka a boot. The thing is that I see no hope of getting all those boots I need. I’m not willing to keep playing with no progress.
I can’t advance on the map as my heroes ain’t getting stronger either. I don’t perform better with the titans. keep playing the same levels on the map over and over in search for boots. And I don’t even get any special chest missions. I only had one the entire time I played this game. People say they get special chests like every week. Mrs Fortuna seems to be angry with me.
Bottom line, I like the game och the alliance. I would play longer and spend more money if I only had a breakthrough soon. Very soon.

^^Same here. For a material that is supposed to be easy to come by (farmable), I haven’t seen a pair myself either for weeks.

I can’t even imagine what players requiring higher ascension materials are going through…I truly feel for them right now - especially given that you typically are faced with versions of your own heroes on teams in raids. Only the opponent tends to be fully ascended… it is kind of like a 1-2 punch to the gut.

Don’t get me wrong, I have played games based on many of the same concepts as this one (grinding, farming, raiding, rng…) but I have never experienced this kind of balance issue. Typically you find one or two areas that need improvement and typically you can avoid these facets without negatively impacting your game too badly or at least it is something that is addressed quickly… but to be completely stalled? And in this case throwing money at the issue doesn’t improve the situation? Never (until now).

Vigor makes a great point… there are too many games out there right now for this situation to be present. Right now it is the other players I play with that keeps me going, not the game. Once they start hitting their game walls and the frustrations take them away from this game I will likely move on myself. It is a shame, the game has true potential. They have taken many concepts from other successful games and merged them to create this one which is a totally win - win in anyone’s book but in doing so I think they failed to truly understand why these games are actually successful and the delicate balance that needs to be maintained to keep a game from dying.


I farmed Boots in 12-2 and 12-6. It required patience but I WAS rewarded with about ten Boots…some of my players found more.

Hope this helps!


thank you for the recommendation :slight_smile:

Spent all day on auto again using the levels cited and still nothing. If something pops up I will let you know.

PS. I was on auto 13-6 prior, but have pretty much tried every level from 12-1 to 16-9.

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@Rook @Kai

The best way I’ve found to get boots is to crawl your way to having enough, be stuck waiting on the next tier of ascensions mats, and you’ll find them all the time.


Edit: in all seriousness, if you’re strong enough to farm 13-6, I’d recommend it, 14 - 16 beasts, best exp per energy of those that cost 4, and great towards filling chests.

I have done 13-6 for weeks. Then tried 12-6 as mentioned above and got a pair of boots! Hallelujah!


Perhaps I will stick to 12-6 then :slight_smile:

I was initially working higher levels based on the higher experience provided but it wasn’t getting me anywhere in the materials. Once I can ascend, I will see if that triggers better drop rates. I have seen the same thing posted from other players as well so there is hope, but it is still pretty messed up that the drop rates tend to increase on a material once you do not need it.

If I am able to verify this pattern I will update accordingly…

Lol, this could take a while though…

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I was being silly Kai. I used to need them too, now I have 13 that I’m not using.

Lol, well now I want to mount a case for in- game material trading :wink:

I will be more than happy to trade other players backpacks for boots :wink:

I have two heroes capped at 70 (Marjana and Li Xiu) and 9 capped at 60. That means I’ve seen 35 tall boots so far. So I’m at the point where there’s nothing to do BUT ascend heroes from 50 to 60 (a 5* to 2^ or a 4* to 3^) and I’m stuck on the next level of mats.

I’ve been stuck there for a VERY long time. >_>

Lol, I am not sure if I should be jealous of your status or not…

Being stuck on either side on the performance curve pretty much sucks and is why most mobile games have a rather aggressive (almost linear) progression pace to them. It is the only way to stay relevant in an over - saturated market.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no game developer, but I have been gaming a while. The only games I have seen that survive are the ones which pace the progression creep with their playing environment without forcing money grabs. The one I play now is going on 3 years (which makes it an anomaly of sorts) and this is the model it uses. This is also indicative of other popular games (PAD, etc.).

Big thing here is that the desire is to help the developers by voicing player issues. I have already invested in this game (mistakenly thinking it could help my progress) so the last thing I want at this point is to have the game die. I think we all (to a large degree) share this sentiment.

So, I think I am going to be cautiously jealous of your situation and somewhat optimistic for my own. Lol, the adage here is "be careful what you wish for " :wink:

And back to the devs - fix you game balance… and now your game progression (Penari and I want to play, dammit!) :slight_smile:


I’ve been seeing the balance change, and I’ve seen a lot of player requested features show up in the game.
It has been a slow progress, something seen over months rather than weeks. Small Giant is a small team, and I feel it does affect how fast new content and features can be put up.

Several updates have seemingly come on the heels of player observations, and I know that the devs are actively looking for player feedback through certain channels. Definitely suggest, comment, and promote ideas that you think would enhance the E&P experience! A topic or idea with lots of likes and traffic is a great way of showing the Dev team that there’s interest in a player suggestion.


It seems, things are getting better. Got two pairs of tall boots in level 14.2 :sunglasses:

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