Sorry, but you have to love Google at times

Sorry, but you have to love Google at times. I got this notification earlier.

My bet is they guy doesn’t feel too good either?


I bet the girl wished that a young Brad Pitt would have fallen to and for her.

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Wow. Google sure loves giving us interesting news hits!

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That’s basically what happens when you pull a hotm :smile:

@Petri You are just messing with me now. You edited my post using your SG superpowers and made no change? Like wtf? Just like that message you sent me I can’t respond to or even find anymore?

Before and after the EDIT. $10 AUD to the first person who can tell the difference.

Oh wait. He changed the colour pallette! (actually, upon consideration that may be an illusion or brain damage.)

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing: :rofl:

Man that dude fell HARD for her. Maybe he had a head injury and then gave her one?

He moved it to Community Content.


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