Sorcerers - Talent abilities

I have two Sorcerers I am considering to use emblems on, but both I have reservations of because of the following:

  1. Natalya: She already has a mana drop buff when she hits a hero. When the occasional (3% chance) talent actually kick in, would that override the mana drop she always does, or would it stack?

  2. Sabina: The talent kicks in when the Sorcerer does ‘normal damage’, but Sabina is a healer and does not do damage.

Is either of these heroes viable candidates to use talent tokens on?

Just to clarify, “normal damage” means tile attacks on offense, and the slash attacks that defenders do every 3 turns on defense. Sabina actually has a relatively high attack stat for a healer, so her tile damage and slash attacks are pretty solid.


Yes, it does stack and if you send red tiles to the targeted hero (after you use Natalya special on him), chance are that his mana is slowed down both from the special and the talent.
Actually works really fine with her, as her best use is in attack, and sorcerer talent is more an attacking class.

Sabina is a really good healer, but you use her more in attack then Natalya?

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I am glad I found this. I do not have a maxed Sorcerer yet (2x Natalya @70H

So 6 of my 11 rings may got to 1 Natalya and maybe I will use Red again regularly.


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