Sorcerer talent better animation

Dear SG developers,

Sorcerer has the only talent where a defense team hero puts a negative status effect on your attacking hero. (EDIT: realized that barbarian as well, but that is a neglectable effect)

Now this can be pretty game changing if the talent hits a key hero of yours. The issue is that often you find out late that you received the mana slow after you matched the tiles and wonder why your hero is not charged yet.

There are too many things to already watch out for in a match and it is very easy to miss amongst all incoming slash attacks that a small icon appeared next to your hero.

Would it be possible to enhance the sorcerer talent skill activation with a more visible/eye catching animation?

Thank you, Ronny

I hear your pain friend! It always seems to sneak up on me and i dont recognise that its Happened until i make the 3rd 3 tile match and to my horror realise that my special is nowhere to be found. And proceed to lose.

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I bet that happens a lot against your Myztero

That’d be nice - there’s so much flash going around in game, it’s easy to miss.


Good OP. Need a better animation - intimation that sorcerer talent has messed it up ! :rofl:

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Actually I love it when it happens against Myztero, and it seems to happen against him often. But with him I am often fully charged and waiting for the right moment, and to send back -50% mana to all is a great perk in addition to whatever else he has picked up.

Where I feel the pinch the most is when I am using Grimble and he can’t charge everyone up at the needed moment, or alternatively when I have a dispeller like C Sabina and she can’t clear the taunt for Grimble or whatever other AOE heroes I have ready

That’s a pretty good perk for Myztero…memorizing the sorcerer talent ailment. Still not enough for me to dust him off! LOL

I think so too.

I actually have quite a few sorcerers and it’s hard to realize when the talent activated, some times I only notice it when I’m expecting the defense’s mana to be higher than it is. Specially if I’m not running a mana control team (Which I’m not so fond of, generally)

I’m not exactly sure how I would make the animation more appealing but I think something needs to be done

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