Sorcerer Special Attack Not Proccing Delay Talent

So someone told me Sorcerer specials don’t proc the delay talent. I was flabbergasted. I have tried this myself a bit with my Chochin+19 and haven’t been able to get delay to proc off his special.

So is this either?

  1. A massive bug on Sorcerer’s that has existed for months and has basically nerfed this class compared to the rest

  2. A really bad description of the Sorcerer talent? It says delay should proc on any damage. It says nothing about normal damage. If its only normal damage it should very clearly say so.

  3. A potentially flawed design? If it is supposed to only proc off normal damage then this is an unbalanced design as it would work considerably better on offence where tiles can hit multiple heroes and have a chance to proc delay several times vs defense where a single slash attack every few turns having a super low chance to proc delay is considerably worse. Are sorcerers supposed to be that much worse on defense?

I’m really having trouble understanding this issue. Can anyone bring some light and explanation to it? If this is a bug then fixing it will have the benefit of buffing Thoth-Amun and Quintus, two Sorcerers that are currently quite weak. If this is intended then it has a weird side effect of nerfing Sorcerers for defense.

@Petri @Sara

Thanks for any clarification!


At one point, the description did specifically say normal damage. I know this because I got it wrong before:

However, on checking it again, you’re right that the description now just says “after dealing damage”, which implies that special damage should now work too. Not sure why they changed the text, but it is possible that they were going to modify the Delay talent to work for specials and either forgot to change the mechanics or altered the description prematurely.

Would certainly like to hear more from the devs about this one.


Great catch!! Would love to get a response. @Petri, any help to be had at this time?

All sorcerers can also proc delay from minion strikes. Making Sorcerers much better when paired with minion summoners. That actually makes Thoth-Amun a lot better than he used to be (still underwhelming though, but just not as bad as he used to be).

Regardless of game balance though I do agree that the description should be more clear. If it’s normal damage then it would be nice for the description to say that.

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This has been claimed before, but this was the official response about it a while ago:


The video was pretty incontrovertible. That may be the devs’ intent. But I don’t think it’s the achieved outcome.

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I could’ve sworn I saw something in the buff Thoth thread about the sorcerer procing the talent. But I was mistaken! :blush:

Thanks for correcting me!

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The devs have said that Minions aren’t supposed to proc Talents, but there’s video that appears to show them doing just that.

So it’s a question of what is intended to happen, and presumably is reliable for being maintained in the game, versus what might be happening currently (presumably due to an unintended bug).


No news on this? I guess it’s working as intended and sorcerers are the worst class in the game? Does anyone know if barbarians proc wound off specials?

My guess is it’s working as intended and the wording on the talent is wrong. But I get a whole lot more hits with tiles than specials, so… :man_shrugging:

Normal attacks only.

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