Sorcerer Emblems go to who?

You have enough sorcerer emblems to max 2 of these who do you choose?

Other notes, already have Glenda, Azlar, Kestrel, Heimdall, Hatter, Seshat, Freya, Poseidon at +20.
Sif, Lianna, Kingston, Malosi at various other + emblem levels because of how often I use them

Emblem focus usually go for defense 1st, then versality use for raid/war.
If you plan using atlantis family which is you already have Poseidon +20, Ursena is great pair. She is also still good on offense againts yellow hitter like Odin, Joon, Drake, etc.
I have my Ursena+20 using mana troop lvl 11, with 9 tiles, reflect yellow ready.

Another candidat is Garnet if you have Cobalt and Onyx, she is very good defense and offense.
Ureaus is also no joke he hit very hard if you emblem him +20.
Krampus is sturdy without emblem, emblem if we want to put on defense.
Mitsuko is also great like Ursena.

So, depend on who often and playstyle. All of them are great heroes.


All heroes are worthy, but I’m looking at how they pair with your others. I think the most deserving is Krampus. Him on defense would be stellar, a big upgrade from Glenda being your only blue. After that I’d consider Mitsuko or Garnet because your red stack could use a boost. An amazing healer or Blue reflecting superstar…totally which you’d use more. Ursena is great too, but you have Freya and Seshat who are amazing purples.


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