Sorcerer Class Talent Duration Isuue

Dear SGG,

It looks like we have quite important bug with the sorcerer talent lasting only 1 round instead of 2 rounds as it should work. Here are few screenshots

Then straight after the next turn:

It doesn’t look like a visual animation bug. Could you please look into it and fix if needed?

You should click on the hero to show the remaining duration of the ailment.

Are you sure the first picture is taken directly after the buff is applied? A turn could have already passed.

It would be easier to notice it if you can record it in video.

I’ve posted that to youtube for your reference

The bug is in the beginning - at 15 second

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I just done some raid and I can confirm that after applied, the turn left is only 1 too…

And after matching another puzzle, it disappear, which make it effectively only 1 turn.

@Guvnor what do you think?

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What I think is that it counts turn ENDS.

So because the sorcerer talent is applied by tiles which is before the turn end, it counts that as turn 1.

Thus by the time it comes back round it’s only got 1 turn left.

I’m 90% sure this is the same for all other special skills, with the exception that they are applied BEFORE tile movement rather than being triggered by the tile movement

Yes, I suspect that but that means the effective duration is only 1 turn when used by attacker.

Well 2…

I believe that it kicks in from the moment it’s successful in its processing.

So any subsequent tiles that fall in that cascade & the enemies passive mana generation are affected both in that then and the next.

Isn’t turn end is after enemy slash attack?

Which means:
We use special skill.
We move puzzle against enemies, the hit tiles fill their mana bar.
Enemy use special skill.
Enemy use slash attack.
Delay against enemy is applied. (Remaining duration: 2)

End of turn. (Remaining duration = 2 - 1 = 1)

Enemy regain 1 bar but is reduced by delay.
We use special skill.
We move puzzle against enemies, the hit tiles fill their mana bar but is reduced by delay.
Enemy use special skill.
Enemy use slash attack.

End of turn. (Remaining duration = 1 - 1 = 0)

Doesn’t that means the delay only effect 1 turn?

Turn end procs after it transitions from the casting team to the other.

As i said, im pretty sure that this is how all the other special skills and effects operate already but am unsure.

The underwater damage at S2 is at turn end right? I don’t really remember, but isn’t it after enemies’s slash attack?

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