Sooo has anyone counted how many seasonal/event heros we have in each color?

To me this list doesn’t exactly look balanced

Sargasso, boomer, panther, merlin, boss wolf, victor, vlad, gafar, jabbar

Owl, jackal, guin, gretel, rana, arman

Valeria, rumple, arthur, bunny

Pete, locke, Morgan, hansel, bunny, sand horse, yunan, buddy elf, mother north

Kestrel, kong, falcon, lance, hood, bunny, santa, rudolph

So just wondering if there’s some I’m forgetting or if devs just really dont care for the color blue

Also wasn’t sure what to search to find a relevant topic. Idk if you’ve searched the word “event” or “seasonal” or “quest” or “hero” lately but would be scrolling and reading quite awhile to see if it has. So i skipped that step.

*purple: Gafar, Jabbar

Thank you. Too bad they weren’t Blue lol just seems odd blue is least common color in that list and they made a Winter Quest with Ice Blocks and no ICE heros…so kinda head scratchin and wondering why other than piggybackin the well established xmas marketing campaign

Do we know what colors Rudolph and Buddy the Elf are going to be already? I didn’t search because I kind of didn’t want to be spoiled.

also I think mrs claus/mother north is Green but I could be off.

I actually have spreadsheet on this and it looks like this (including Christmas event heroes and Dec HoTM)


I put north just not mother…ok I’ll fix it

Rudolph red. Buddy is green

So blue and yellow both get screwed…interesting. Atlantis will end up being even amount from each color i believe. Just guess though. So winter event probably should have been blue and yellow?

Thanks… Wouldn’t really be the ‘Red’ nosed reindeer if it’s not red. But that red nose seem to be missing, at least from the loading pic.

No Ice Heroes in an icy winter event, guess that’s their thought of “warming” people up for the occasion. Or yeah, they just thought they probably have enough blue heroes from other areas (e.g. S1, HoTM, and Atlantis) to put forth more.

If rudolph was another color we’d have to change the original song! Or SG could be sewed for copyright infringements hehehe :):):slight_smile:

I don’t think it really is intentional but I feel blue gets shafted quite a bit. Let’s also add in no real blue healers. Yea i I know rumple can kinda heal (has a chance) and Aegir can heal to the equivalent of a fair fart but I mean a legit healer. Every color has a 5* healer except blue.

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I actually noticed that long time ago. Before season 2 and Valerie. There were only 4 4* blue. But to be honest most those are still pretty awesome 4*. Expect maybe Boril.

Boril is the best blue tank in S1, and I would not have beaten many events without his help in the beginning. :slight_smile: Gimili IS awesome.


Yeah both blue and yellow are in deficit as opposed to other colours. If SG continues with their normal practice for HoTM releases and if beta leaks are accurate January will be yellow so blue and yellow will be even.
But since we are still missing monthly event that reflects green, we might still see some blues and yellows (since i do not believe we will have some new seasonal events now that circle is complete)

If they wanted to market the heck out of the winter event, they may have well put all 8 reindeers in to see the players want the whole set.

To me they could’ve used more Guardians, like why are there no Guardians for “Nature” or “Ice”? Didn’t make sense for me when I first started playing and Guardians happens to the first or second event I tried to play in.

That is another reason why a certain hero of the month (whom I shall not name in this post due to having his own post already) had such a big uproar. Just another missed opportunity.

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You mean 9 reindeer?

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, Blitzen, and Rudolph?


Green reflect event will probably be rainbow if i had to Guess. Judgin from knights and fables

Yes, oops, 9 reindeers. Thanks for catching that. XD

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