Sooners --- Be a Boomer! 125k alliance 10* titans


Hey there … you wanna be part of something bigger? We need three hitters. we lost three to retirement and need three new. We are selective but for a reason. we have some #seriousfun and want you to be a part of it. Come check us out and see what we are all about. Yep, we are 125k with just 27 people and we need 3 more hitters to round out the crew.

Tonapah is leader of a Council of five … we have gained attention of 7DC folks who have stopped in to see how we operate. They applauded and expect to see us growing quickly.

We have repeatedly been in top 10 worldwide and #1 many many times (for short periods but you know how that works).

You should have over 3500 defense and a decent bench. War hits are mandatory (we leave 0 hits on the table) and titans are a must (how else you gonna get mats for leveling?)

Lets go. Search for Sooners in alliance tab and join up. See you in game!


I forgot to mention we are a global alliance … we have members from UK, Oz, and South Africa. We do speak English only but you’re welcome from whatever part of the globe you are on.