Sonya's Piercing Strike

As Allies On The Same Team, Sonya’s Attack “Piercing Strike” Should Not Dispel Wilbur’s Wonderful Feast Shared Attack Because It’s Not A Buff For The Enemy. Also Costume Sonya Shouldn’t Dispel The Same Buff From Allies

So you think it would be a good idea to have his special as ultimate weapon with no counter against?

Wilbur is good and handy enough the way he is, make his buffs not dispellable would make him pretty overpowered. Just remember that he is just a 4* hero.


@ll2000sr No You’re Misinterpreting My Suggestion When You Have Sonya And Wilbur As Allies On The Same Team And You Use Wilbur’s Wonderful Feast And Then Use Sonya’s Attack It Takes Away The Shared Received Damage From Enemies, That Shouldn’t Happen. I’ll Revise It Though

It can be a pain but is what it is. One tol picked my team and a had wilbur n ceadom on it didn’t make that mistake again. There ain’t a red dispeler and that could be a good thang in a way if you run multiple reds with wilbur.

Both Shared damage are buffs, dispelling from standard Sonya must remove that buff from enemies but
Cleansing shouldn´t remove allied shared damage. Notice that if you overlap defense debuff (Using Kiril´s special after Wilbur´s debuff you) you get the same as the Wilbur´s team.

OT but doesn’t it take so much extra time to capitalize every first letter of every word? I feel like that would be such a pain to have to do for every word. That, and it’s not even grammatically correct :man_shrugging:


@FroggyRay Ay Yo Stick To The Topic, Don’t Worry About How I’m Swyping And If You Must Know My Phone Does It Automatically Vicariously Through Predictive Text, Besides What’s Understood Doesn’t Need To Be Grammatically Typed, Verity

Your Rebuttal Doesn’t Make Sense Inregards To My Post, If You Have A Wilbur And Sonya Yourself Go Try Out His Special And Then Use Hers, Your Response Isn’t Giving Me An Answer As To Why The Shared Damage Amongst Enemies Disappears, There Is No Reason For This To Happen Is All I’m Saying

Right and specially in the beginning of a match, the shared damage is not really helpful, as it is pretty hard to kill the whole team if there are 1 or 2 healer in it.

So I am always using Sonya or Caedmon to remove the shared damage, kill the healer with the - 44% defense and when they are gone it’s really easy with shared damage.

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Why not? Shared damage is a double edge skill: and it´s, in fact, a buff: Kailani, Gunnar, Aegir combines them with a defense buff, but can be countered with a massive defense debuff. It also can save your heroes and kill them without being hit.

Is it a bad sinergy between 2 heroes? Yes it is. Should be changed? No, IMHO

You Still Don’t Get What I’m Saying, Wilbur’s Special Shouldn’t Be Consider A Buff To The Enemy That Can Be Dispelled

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