Sonya vs Grimm (when I already have 4/70 Tiburtus)

The topic is the question. I understand that in general Grimm is better than Sonya (depending on the situation, of course), but I am quite new to the game so I don’t have many maxed heroes yet. I decided to max Tiburtus, because I got him first before getting Grimm. Now that I own Grimm and Sonya, too, I am wondering which one I should level first?

My team (the one I always use because I don’t have much more) is:
and Sonya OR Grimm.

Which one would you recommend in my particular situation?

(Edit: I also have Aegir, but I think it is better to max one 4 star hero first, because I don’t have that many ascending materials yet, of course. Am I right?)

Of the two, I would probably still go Grimm.

The reason I say that is because you have Caedmon already and he’s a dispeller like Sonya. You rarely would use two on the same team.

Two pulverizers, though, can be useful.

And to your Aegir question, yes, if you’re not there on materials then I’d hold off.


This is even tougher with you have Caedmon.


Caed = Sonya and Tibs = Grimm

I think I would lean Sonya to give you another fast hitter even with the same special as Caed.

But you will want them both maxed.

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Definately Grimm. You only need 1 of Caedmon and Sonya, and Grimm is the best pulverizer hero.

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Grimm first, then Sonya

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If I would level Grimm first, which hero would become my tank? Boldtusk?

Could try Wu, Tib, BT, Grimm, Caed

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I have Tiburtus, Grimm, and Gormek, all fully maxed.
They are a massive force, when combined.
I have Sonya maxed, but I use her selectively.
Go for Grimm first, you will use him more


Definitely BT. He’s one of the best 4* tanks.

Ok, super! Thank you all very, very much for the kind advise!! I will go for Grimm first and use BT as my tank.

Thank you. :wink:

I’ve never had much luck using more than one at a time, but having a few to choose from is great. Don’t want to bring Tibertus against a dark titan, Grimm against a nature titan, nor Gormek against an ice titan. :slight_smile:


One last question: I just found pictures in the internet from HotM Athena. She seems to be kind of a better version of Grimm. Is that right? So maybe someday in a year or so I’ll have her and use her for the same tasks I’ll use Grimm now?

Im gonna be odd woman out and say if it were me in your shoes id pick Sonya. The dispelling buffs effect is really useful and if you’re doing a province/event/mission with tons of fire heroes, Caedmon may be more of a liability than an asset to bring.

however I do also agree with everyone saying that two ramming pulverizers one team is likely to be more useful than two dispellers on the same team.

The best answer imo is both. Read up on color stacking.

The map is not hard for the team you have. You can forget dispells and cleansing, just focus on attacking. Much the same when raiding. Although, raiding will require underztanding the team you are about to fight.

The idea of saying Sonya is best becauae you might be confronted by one color turnd a blind eye to Sonya being sent against green.

There was a post earlier here by @King_Nothing equating Caed to Sonya+Tibs to Grimm with which I took exception until I did some math and came to realize Caedmon has a step up on Grimm. Given that Grimm is stronger than Tibs, Caedmon becomes the lead dog here.

The idea of being able to drop Wu, Tibs or Caedmon for a paired 3^60 Grimm & Sonya is the solution.

I mentioned them as equals based on their specials alone. I took no other stats into account.

I mean would it be possible to stack Athena’s debuff with the one from Tiburtus while it isn’t possible to stack Tiburtus and Grimm?

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