Sonya special is not working

i got her costume . when i reverted her back she now wont dispel enemy stats

Hi @Weldon

Can you try to give more specifics please, including screenshots.

There are various talents and specials which can cause this so without showing the exact situation, it’s difficult to offer an explanation.

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Just in case, remember that if you want to revert a costume, you must tap the arrow to switch to her original state and then tap equip.

In case you actually equipped her back, she could have been blinded and failed her special. There are other reasons, like Jonah said.

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just started but yea on my next fight ill show you / take pics

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also costume is off for sure

apparently whatever bug it was its now working properly again and Sonya is dispelling counter attacks again


Thanks for checking back. I’m going to close this.

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