Sonya Scarlet or Gormek

I have only 1 compass so can only ascend one

Who do I ascend ?

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All three are worthy of ascension, so it really depends on what 4* heroes you already have. Sonya is great for her buff removal, but Caedmon has the same effect, and Melandor and Sabina are similar but healers, so if you have one of them ascended already then she shouldn’t be a priority. Gormek is an amazing tank but has the same ability as Tibertus and Grimm, and their defense reduction does not stack. Scarlet has the highest attack stat of any 4*, but doesn’t have an amazing effect imo.

In short:

  1. Sonya (unless you already have Caedmon)
  2. Gormek (unless you already have Grimm or Tibertus)
  3. Scarlet

All things equal, I’d say Gormek has the most utility. He’s great everywhere, in raids, events, and his defense reduction helps tremendously against titans. Just mana him up and fire off his special before your other heroes attack, or before setting off a nice chain with gems, and watch the damage pile up.

Sonya is nice in raids, if you don’t have another debuffer and are going against Boril or Cyprian, but all in all Gormek is the priority, I’d say, unless you already have Tibertus or Grimm maxed.


For me Gormeck is first choice as already explained. But I disagree with Wharflord on the unless part. In my alliance a player has two tiburtus and gormeck, melendor and alberich. And his team rocks! He has only 3000 of power but kills consistently teams arround 3300/3400.

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I have Scarlett…she hits great, until she’s killed off (which is often). If it were my choice, I’d go Gormek. :wink:

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Sonya because you’ll see Ares so much in raids.

What will you be using this person for?

Killing ares

20 Characters

I have scarlet and I love her I think she is great she’s a powerful hit once you get her up I’ve already ascended her and man it’s like in some cases one hit and they’re dead

Scarlet has a nice tile damage but weak health

Gormek is the opposite

I think I’m gonna go with Sonya since I find her skill more usewill since most teams have either ares or albi

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I kill Ares long time ago in raids